Chicago Way w/John Kass: When the empire falls, more than just ribs will be left broken

Chicago Way w/John Kass (05/31/24): RealClear Politics’ Tom Bevan join John Kass & Jeff Carlin with a look at how Donald Trump’s legal issues hamper (or don’t) his chances in the general election come November, if sanity can ever be regained in the arena of political discourse, and will the Republic rebound from the weaponization of the media & more importantly, the courts. Plus, Kasso sits on the wall of a crumbling empire, nursing his broken ribs.

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  1. Oh my gosh, John! I am so sorry to hear you fell and broke your ribs.
    Still praying for you and Betty, keep going forward and never give up.

    The thought of transcripts are too much at this time,
    you are writing columns and doing Podcasts, enough already.

    I am sad and sickened about the conviction of President Trump,
    it is a sad day for our country. Things have to get better at some point.

    Anyway, please keep your spirits up – listen to music, watch some old funny movies
    and open your window to listen to the sounds of summer, the birds and even the cicadas.
    And keep dreaming of fishing in that river up North, it will happen!

  2. I love hearing Mr. Kass speak actually, and the guests as well. Could there be any more support for my concept of kicking States out. A freaking Manhattan judge thinks he has the power to disenfranchise over 50% of American voters. Just take a quick look at how the 14th amendment was passed. Arbitrary disenfranchisement of American voters. Converting States into special military districts, disenfranchisement of the State of Maryland, and if that weren’t enough, when three Northern States reversed their support for ratification – they were just ignored, because what the “Hard Left” was back then, did not like the way the votes were turning out.

    Kick out the coasts!! Strip them of their right to vote, take over the country and put it back on the rails. So what if I need a passport to visit Boston. I’ll still go – great seafood!

  3. I, too, would love to be able to read a transcript of the podcasts. Surely there is some talk-to-text software that can accomplish this fairly easily?

    As always, John, thanks for the great content.

  4. I would love to read a transcript. Sorry to ask for that but as has already been mentioned there must be software out there to accomplish this.

  5. Get better fast John. I’m sure you meant Memorial day and not Labor day.
    Be sure to do “deep breathing” exercises … but I’m sure your docs told you that in the ER.
    What frustrates me is that if the Republicans nominated anyone but Trump … say Virginia Guv Youngkin for example … it would be a Republican landslide in November instead of the very real possibility of another four years of senile feeble ole Joe Biden.
    And yes, given that many of us likely have hearing impairment, a transcript would be most welcome. Audio and transcription are not mutually exclusive.

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