Chicago Way w/John Kass: When the bell tolls for America’s once great newsrooms

Chicago Way w/John Kass (05/03/23): This week, RealClear Politics’ Tom Bevan is here to discuss the forecast for Biden/Harris against Trump, DeSantis, and the rest. Plus, what really went down with the swift cancelation of Tucker Carlson’s top-rated cable show? Check out more Kasso at

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  1. Great breakdown by you and Proft. It’s “our” turn to take the spoils. Brandon and those who backed him beat the old guard at their own game!

    I was a lifelong Democrat John. Tip O’Neill was my Congressman. I doubt he’d even be a Democrat today. Same for Harry Truman, Daniel Patrick Moynahan, JFK, LBJ too. When you can pick your gender and race, tell innocent children that they’re “oppressors”, and you can steal from the people and claim to be a victim yourself, they deserve everything they’ve got coming.

    It’s just too bad the Republicans are such clowns too.

    No wonder do many don’t vote.

    Why bother.

    If my choices are Joe in a diaper or the orange clown.

    A bagman vs a three times we’d, serial adulterer, tax cheat who had a brief encounter with a pornstar four months after the birth of his last child. And then lie, deny it, and call her horse face.

    Neither of these buffoons is worthy of the presidency.

    I ask again sir. When will you push for the guardrails that will give the country back to the people?

    Let’s get off this left/right bullshit and be free.

    1. the guardrail you seek is The Constitution of the United States. It is not a “living document.” It is the guardrail to keep us on the road moving forward

      1. So, all the money hadn’t corrupted the process John? The fact that our elected officials can grab with both hands?

        So it says nothing in The Constitution about having only 2 parties, doesn’t it?

        Let’s be adults snd and unravel thus corrupt leviathan our government has become.

        Instead of, “Please Ken Griffin, fund an opponent to beat Pritzker”, as you called for, why not have public financing of campaigns and term limits, and strict ethics laws with transparent audits and draconian penalties for violation.

        Citizens United? It’s the Roe vs. Wade for corporations. Endless wars, and endless tax breaks for the wealthy, and we vilify welfare moms.

        Who’s taking more from the government teat John?

        1. Hey here’s an idea. You seem to have all the answers. And you don’t like John’s either. So why not get your own site … say sub stack or something. Then you can bloviate and gasbag and scold to your heart’s content. And guess what? Then if you have any subscribers (unlikely) they can self righteously pontificate against you, much as you do John.

    2. I will base my 2024 presidential vote on the U.S. Constitution and which candidate has best “supported and defended” that timeless blueprint for “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”
      In 1969 I took a solemn oath to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America” when I enlisted in the United States Army. That oath still guides my choices of candidates for public office. In 2024, we will likely have a choice between someone who governed as a conservative or someone who governed as an incompetent free speech destroying, open borders, baby-killing, gun-grabbing, totalitarian, fascist dictator. It will not be a difficult choice for me.

    3. I think that Tip would be a Dem today. It would be hard to switch parties. The woke mob would drown him and primary him. Is Paul Vallas a Republican?? Harold Ford? Joe Manchin? BTW, the media wants Trump and my guess is people like Pritzker are sending money to him. The Dems want to run against Trump, not someone else.

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