Chicago Way w/John Kass: When riding the ‘deep state tiger’ goes wrong

Chicago Way w/John Kass (02/12/24): Joining John Kass & Jeff Carlin this week is a retired American diplomat with over 30-years of experience advising the most powerful leaders in the world on security matters and who also happens to be John’s younger brother, Nicholas Kass. The younger Kass breaks down what happens when the ‘deep state’ needs to discard a useful idiot and how state security analysts around the world glean intel from interviews world leaders like Joe Biden & Vladimir Putin give to journalists. Plus, Kasso sheds light on the story of how his father made him take on 10 guys in a street fight.

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    1. Sorry for 3 posts for one article/podcast John, but I thoroughly enjoy your brothers expertise & perspective on world affairs. He is a joy to listen to and I hope he is on more frequently. You owe him some cigars & Scotch.

  1. I am troubled by the characterization of Ukraine’s resistance to Russia’s invasion as a lost cause, not worth further support by our United States. Despite two years of unspeakable horrors unleashed upon Ukraine by Putin, Kyiv’s forces and volunteers have managed to regain 50% of land, towns and cities occupied by Moscow’s stormtroopers at the start of this new invasion. They’ve managed to force Moscow’s mighty Black Sea Fleet to flee for safe harbors and to reopen sea lanes for grain shipments to needy countries of the world. All of this and more was done despite Washignton’s and European countries’ initial assessment that Ukraine was a lost cause and that their President should flee for his life. Now, nor ever, is the time to cower before a tyrant who wants to turn back the clock to a time of “glory” at the expense of a nation that did not commit any act of agression against his country. All Ukraine asks is for financial, armament and training support, while they’re doing the actual fighting. It is a pity that Carlson, in his ignorance, could not ask any really tough questions when he had that unique opportunity: how can Putin justify murdering so many of his own Russian and Russian speaking people living peacefully in Ukraine, under the pretext that he’s “liberating” them? The irony is that many of the fighters defending Ukraine are those very same people he’s “liberating” by blowing them up for a shortcut to heaven.

    1. Yeah we spend billions of our/my taxes while we go into massive debt for this war support. The the corporate whore shill senators and reps scream we are in debt so lets cut social benefits for our citizens, ie Medicare, social security, etc. NO thanks.
      How about putting it to the voters every time we spend billions on some foreign war.
      Wanna bet what happens

      1. Amen Thomas Rudd. The theft of the monies from the Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid trusts by our corrupt Congress for decades replaced with IOU’s. We are told that all of the above might have to have percentages cut or for people to work longer or it might not be there when it’s time to collect. But there always seems to be money for war, foreign countries, bank & corporate bailouts, illegals and rewarding Congress with Platinum healthcare, pensions, & huge raises every year.

    2. As Victor Davis Hanson has pointed, historically Russian leaders do not worry about how many of their citizens need to die in order for them to “win” a war. And the natural resources of Ukraine pale in comparison to those of Russia. Putin can continue this war until the manpower of Ukraine is exhausted and/or its resources and those if its supports are exhausted. Yes, Russia/Putin may be in the wrong. But it’s hard to see how prolonging this war can be good for Ukraine in the end, and how it can prevail.

    3. I agree with you. The problem is we Americans don’t know what to make of heroism and bravery under duress, anymore. We simply do not recognize those actions for what they are. Our leaders during my life time – with rare exception – have been vain cowardly double talking self-interested weasels with feet of clay while spouting gobblydegook and hackneyed gibberish. They have been as far from inspirational as one can possibly get. But like an addict we are now tolerant to that style of “leadership.” They are what we consider normal. So when a foreign head of state, under overwhelming attack refuses our safe ticket out of town but choses to stand and fight against all odds, we Americans are confused. Is he crazy? Clearly, Zelensky is not normal? I mean if the situation was reversed, we all know what our normal sane Presidents – past and present – would do: head to the deepest bunker or better yet climb abord Air Force ONE and high tail it out of Dodge.

  2. Americans have been told for years that there was no money to help its neediest citizens. Now that we have monstrous numbers of illegals here the government has found the money. This, along with funding NATO and the Ukraine War, we found the money. Apparently only US dollars are good enough to fund foreign wars. Yes, we found the money. Now just see if you can just FOLLOW the money….

  3. The theft by our government via money printing which is causing inflation( up over 3% in January) reminds me of the film “Hombre” when one of the robbers of the stagecoach carrying the money stolen by the Dr from the Native Americans via monies paid to them via US govt. One of the robbers says the Dr should be next to them and another says, no, he don’t need no gun to rob, he does it with pen & ink(don’t quote me on the lines).

  4. Penny wise, body bags foolish. If you don’t smack a rabid dog on the snout, now, it’ll bite you good and leave you dealing with the rabies later. Better empty our warehouses of obsolete equipment (like the 200 Viet Nam era aluminum clad “armored” personnel carriers and short range artillery), which Ukraine can still put to good use, and help them develop cutting edge technology, like they’re doing as I write, than wind up sending our own warriors to some hell hole when its too late to deal with that mad dog.
    “Now, nor ever, is the time to cower before a tyrant who wants to turn back the clock to a time of “glory” at the expense of a nation that did not commit any act of aggression against his country.”

  5. Good listening on the Podcast today.
    I am not a fan of Jill Biden but I do not think she is running the Oval Office.
    Those who are pulling the strings are more than willing to prop her name upfront.

    The media talk more about Joe being old and feeble than they do about his admitting
    he illegally kept classified documents for many years.

    Who has the real power in Washington? Who is pulling the strings?
    As you have said in the past, John, what isn’t being said and who is not being talked about?

  6. Great Podcast, so wonderful to hear Nick and his insight. I watched Putin last night on Tucker and it confirmed one thing for me. I always fantasized about becoming President and spending two weeks in Russia. Listening to Mr. Putin recite Eastern European history (and for him a very abridged version for the interview) was something I could have done for days on my trip – Like I used to do when I travelled to Virginia to be with and stay (often overnight) with my “cousins” (cousins who were all about 80 years old) and listen to their unreal command of US History. Yeah, two weeks – I would be the “thing that wouldn’t leave” – no way, not until I heard Mr Putin speak his mind and ideally play a game of ice hockey with him with a beer or a vodka or three after. Then I would go back home and immediately veto any further funding for this inane Ukrainian conflict.

  7. Anyone who may have become enamored by Putin’s lessons on Ukraine and East European History must take into account that anyone in his fiefdom who tries to tell a different version of history wind up accidentally falling from a window or spending long years in a penal camp in Siberia’s Kolyma. For a factual account of Ukraine’s history try reading Prof. Timothy Snyder’s article, “Putin’s Genocidal Myth”, and for a more thorough, no holds barred, treatsie on Eastern European History, read “Bloodlands”.
    The question of aid for Ukraine is most fundamental to American policy and credibility on the World stage. The United States, Great Brittain and Russia pledged, in 1994, to guarantee Ukraine’s territorial integrity in exchange for Ukraine giving up its nuclear arsenal. Russia, as everyone who understands Moscow knew, abrogated its signed pledge, while Brittain never hesitated to back Ukraine, BUT now, America is faced with the specter of becoming a world power that cannot be trusted or believed. That is not what anyone in the free world or any American wants.

  8. Γιάννη,
    Νίκο is spot on, however, this whole episode with Hur will ultimately be Joe’s defense if the house and senate move to impeach. He’ll never be indicted as he’s too old and feeble. The dems may dump him, but he’ll never face any justice for his treasonous crimes against the USA. Brilliant ploy!

  9. This was a very interesting and substantive podcast; however, several of the opinions seem a bit too far down in the weeds and a bit off-focus [not unusual in a 50 minute podcast]. Neither Canada nor Mexico is a threat to the US [current border issues solvable by ourselves aside] and no one in S. America or Africa has or will likely acquire the power to threaten us. Therefore, any threat has to come from Eurasia. As long as we control the N. Atlantic, the Carribean, and the E. Pacific the only threats are from nukes [deterred], terrorists [intel, spec ops, & deepstrike], or cyber [still tbd].
    Who can challenge that control? Japan [our ally], China [the biggest threat], France [we are their ally], Germany [militarily a joke], or Russia [its military shredded by the Ukraine war]. With our debt and domestic divisions shouldn’t we concentrate on containing China, getting out of the Middle East [with an alliance left behind], and negotiating with Russia. If they can’t yet occupy Ukraine they certainly can’t roll through Poland for the next 5-10 years. Let Europe pay for its own defense, we have matters at home requiring attention!

  10. First, the podcast has not posted to Spotify. You been cancelled, John?

    Second, love your brother’s insights. I recently read a history of “central Europe”, which was very enlightening about current events in the region. Also interesting that the administrative state evolved in that region, and became as dictatorial as ours is becoming. That resulted, and continues to result, in upheavals including world wars. When the “experts” begin to work in echo chambers, they lose real world perspective and make poor decisions that compound until catastrophe. The U.S. is heading that way unless the administrative state is cut down to size.

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