Chicago Way w/John Kass: When ignorance is currency, corruption is king in Illinois

Chicago Way w/John Kass (05/08/23): On this edition, the co-host of WIND 560’s Morning Answer and conservative politico Dan Proft joins John Kass & Jeff Carlin to discuss the verdict in the “ComEd Four” case and why naïve jurors make him mad. Plus, is Evanston Township High School bringing back segregation to solve racism? Check out more Kasso at

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  1. I can admit when I’m wrong. Proft is arrogant and pompous, but he is correct, and I think he would be an ideal choice for Governor of Illinois. Our state needs someone to take on the existing power structure. But he he himself outlined why it would never happen. The juror in the Com Ed trial is a prime example of the number the media and the pols have don’t on the citizenry.

    Proft is a jag, but I can understand his frustration. We countenance the lying, deception and theft of the political class thorough our silence, our low voter turnout, lack of involvement, and those who do vote, vote on “feelings”, or self interests entirely.

    Can you really fault someone who’s pulling a city or state pension? Why would you vote to cut your own pay?

    Anyway, this was a great discussion. I’m not entirely sold on Proft’s intellectual “heft”, I mean, he’s not Charles Lipson, but he does see the truth and speak his mind. He’s missing the charm and the ability to tell people what they want to hear. That’s why he isn’t a successful politician.

    You both are doing great work though.

    1. “Proft is arrogant and pompous… Proft is a jag… I’m not entirely sold on Proft’s intellectual “heft”… He’s missing the charm…” Wow! I think it’s safe to say that you don’t like the guy. But why was it necessary for you to belabor it to make your point?

      1. I don’t like the guy AND I’d vote for him if the election were today. No, I don’t like him, but we need someone feisty and smart enough with sharp elbows to take the state back form the mafia that runs it now.

        He is a jag, stuck up, and pompous. But he’s smart and a fighter, which is what we need.

  2. Love Dan! His humor is dry and his knowledge is vast.

    I’m not surprised about Evanston. Evanston has white guilt, apparently.

    What I find interesting is that AP calculous classes are not the only classes where special treatment is given. You have to have a certain grade point average and grades to even be able to take AP classes. So, this form of affirmative action within schools is everywhere leading toward AP classes.

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