Chicago Way w/John Kass: Welcome to the performative era at City Hall

April 8, 2023

On this episode, Chicago Ald. Ray Lopez (15th) joins John Kass & Jeff Carlin in a discussion about the challenges facing mayor-elect Brandon Johnson and how the more progressive landscape on the City Council will deal with these issues. Check out more Kasso at


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  1. Chicago’s done for. Just can’t figure out why they voted Lori out, and voted Johnson in! He’s a devout Marxist, far left socialist, that will only facilitate Chicago’s demise into oblivion. No worries though, he’s going to send social workers to 9-1-1 calls instead of cops, seeing as how he’ll continue to defund the cops going forward. The CTU is in charge, and kids will only get dumber and dumber, unable to read, write, or do simple arithmetic. But hey, they’re solidly behind Johnson, so don’t worry! But maybe it’s a good time to pack your bags and get out of Dodge, before it’s too late…..there are no more Wyatt Earps around to maintain the peace!

  2. To those disappointed – No make that angry – 276,460 who actually came out and voted for Vallas, only 16,982 votes made the difference between getting Chicago back on track or continuing its Marxist slide.

    The worst thing that could happen to Chicago is for those who want to defeat the Marxist WOKE progressives is to leave Chicago. That will then ensure that Chicago will be in total control of the progressives by a head count and will never trend back. Instead it stay on course to become the next Detroit.

    The question is, who has the stomach to stick around for another four years thinking those who could have voted the progressives out but did not, will do it next time?
    That some percentage of the 65% of eligible voters who could have overcome the 16,982 votes that elected Brandon Johnson, will actually care enough to vote?

    I for one don’t so I will reluctantly and sadly say goodbye to the once great Chicago that will be forever preserved in my mind only as a memory.

  3. The Marxist unions out here in the NW suburbs are just as bad as the CTU. They teach their radical sex education to the children with no regard to objection from the community. We had an organized push back to fight in districts 211 and 15. I thought we had a chance but the school boards remain the same, all incumbents return. It’s very frustrating but we have to remember that ultimately God is still in control! Have a blessed Easter. Same blessings to you John when you celebrate next week!

  4. While I’m not happy about the election results either, the Detroit analogy is a ways off. Detroit was a one industry town, Chicago has much more going for it.

    800 million in new taxes, on top of the yearly increases pushed through by the previous two administrations? They have the votes for that?

    1. “They” will have all the votes they need and Chicago has nothing going for it. Voting the tombstones has long been a staple of Chicago politics and it won’t go away.

      I used to love spending a couple of days there (even in the winter) just enjoying an amazing city with some of the best restaurants on the planet. Haven’t been back in over ten years and can’t imagine that changing.

      My only question is why would any reasonable person consider staying in that hell hole?
      Sometimes you have to let a barn fire burn itself out and just get out of the way.

    2. Manufacturing is nonexistent. That’s were the middle class made a comfortable income and built this city. It’s gone. Rapacious mega corporations move everything (manufacturing) to MARXIST CHINA! And those of you bitching and moaning about Marxism and Socialism suck up those Commie products like theres no tommorrow. Costco is packed with that cheap Commie products. I dont here any compliants about your Marxist made hardware, paint, tools, vacuums, clothes, fishing poles, shoes, boots, bicycles, motor scooters, golf clubs, basketballs, batteries, tires, fake xmas trees, xmas lites, washers, dryers, furnaces, AC, asphalt shingles, light bulbs, rugs, stereo equipment, etc. Everything can be done on an iPhone (also Marxist made)!. You don’t need Chgo land for that. Our pols provide Socialsm for corporations with massive tax breaks/perks but it’s Capitalism/laissez-faire tax the scat out of us chumbolones. Half our national budget (800mil) for making war. Last Socialist that did that had a first name of Adolph!

  5. …and let’s not forget on how Chicago media sat on the water bill-unpaid parking ticket story until after the televised debates. They didn’t report on it until after he’d been tipped off and paid the bills! Vallas would have used this as a bludgeon during the debates. Would this have tipped the election? I doubt it but maybe national conservative media would have picked up on it to point out the absurdity of his candidacy. Bottom line is: one guy promised them jobs, the other guy promised them free stuff. We see how it all worked out. In four years we’ll see how it’s going. God help Chicago.

  6. The sooner Chicago becomes a smoldering ghost-town, the better.

    Let the black tribe experience first-hand what it has wrought.

    Let the violence, anarchy, and mayhem come to where the aldermen live.

    Let the aldermen, their wives and children begin to live in fear for their very lives because at some point there won’t be protection.

    Chicago needs to lie in the bed it has made.

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