Chicago Way w/John Kass: Pulling back the curtain on Brandon Johnson and the CTU

February 18, 2023

On episode 382, Illinois Policy Institute Vice President of Marketing, Austin Berg, joins John Kass & Jeff Carlin to talk about the debut of “Local 1: The Rise of America’s Most Powerful Teachers Union” and explain how mayoral candidate Brandon Johnson seeks to create a socialist paradise in Chicago, starting with Chicago Public Schools. Check out more Kasso at


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  1. John I pray that you are healing and are getting stronger every day. I pray for you.

    The Teachers Union for greed and power have destroyed all schools all over America while Woke is their main purpose to destroy the children.

  2. The people get the government they deserve. We keep electing these clowns over and over again. They get in bed with whoever will further their career. They will do or say anything they need to maintain power. Democrat or Republican, it doesn’t really matter. They all do the bidding of the oligarchs who control the legacy media and big tech which they use to further their agenda.

    The CTU does not represent the teachers, nor do they care about the children. They are primarily a political organization and have take the education of the children of Chicago hostage in their bid to consolidate power and crush opposition. When it comes to education, it’s not the amount of money spent, they’ve proven that. Parent buy in is essential. That’s who they’ve left out of the conversation. The parents and the taxpayers are adversaries in their eyes, when they should be partners. No substantive change will happen without parent buy in.

    We cannot have fundamental change in the city, state, nation without taxpayer buy in. Until the people wake up and realize the government and the media have sold us out long ago, nothing will change.

    The CTU fears Vallas as they cannot buy him. If Chicago is smart, they’ll elect him Mayor. He’s not perfect by a long shot, but he’s clearly the best choice we’ve got right now. I think he will kick ass and take names, which is just what we need right now. Tear it al down and build it back up, Don’t respect old arrangements. Let the teachers strike. The kids cannot read anyway, what the hell are we paying for?

    Public employee unions have done a great deal of harm. They’ve weaponized their power and formed an incestuous relationship with primarily Democratic elected officials. They extort the politicians and get them to act against the best interests of their constituents for political gain. They must be stopped, all of them. CTU, FOP, SEIU, AFSCME, all of them. They’ve done as much to kill the state as Madigan and Daley.

    They must be stopped.

    1. Robert, what a perfect spot on comment and analysis. Thank you so much ! I couldn’t have said it any better.

      I fear the people who put these morons in power more than the morons themselves.

    2. A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, city employees were not allowed to form unions. Civil Service jobs came with many many perks – paid days off, paid vacations, job security, a Civil Service board to protect their rights. Then one day they were allowed to organize. Suddenly they were unionized, getting paid on par with trade unions, but they still kept all their perks. And instead of working to serve their employers, as the trade union employees must to survive, they learned that the couldn’t be fired, and that their “employers” had no real stake in the negotiations – that the taxpayers would have to pony up for whatever their “employers” bent their knees to. This was the fatal mistake. And now Amendment 1 enshrined their right to pillage in our lame-assed Illinois Constitution. As soon as my youngest grandchild starts public school – in a nice suburb – we are leaving this broken state.

  3. The CTU is only interested in money and power. Money to fund more socialist agendae, and power with which to elect dem leftists that will remain pliable to their demand, for more teachers (to pay more dues). I fear most of the states currently run by dems are doomed to become cesspools of crime and homelessness, like Chicago, LA, NY, Portland, SanFran, Seattle…et al!

    And yet, I wish you speedy recovery and health, so you can once again be the beacon of hope for us more sane folk!

  4. The documentary is so revealing. Astounding the jeopardy Local 1 reins on communities and children in their quest for political power. With elected school boards on the horizon, Chicago’s public school system will have all the pieces in place to ensure entrenched failure.

  5. Thanks for mentioning my favorite professor, Dr. Milton Rakove, who, today, would probably not be allowed to teach for his Unwoke teaching style. Not only did he allow opposition viewpoints to be stated, he actually ENCOURAGED them. A great (and funny) man, who we lost too soon.

  6. Old man Daley is probably spinning in his grave at the thought of these “closet communists” taking over city hall. CTU has shown again and again they could care less about CPS students. The kids are only a pawn to be used to further their “socialist” political agenda. The Chicago Teacher Union has taken Chicago school students hostage and uses them as a battering ram against the public by constant threat of the withholding of their babysitting services. Strangely enough a PAC funded by Rahm Emmanuel has emerged as a major donor to fund candidates to run against the “democratic socialists” running for alderman. It may have already achieved an early knockout in the 50th ward race where it was revealed the CTU “democratic socialist” candidate is a virulent anti semite. The guy is such political poison that the national wing of the “democrat socialist” party finally pulled their sponsorship out from under him. Despite his openly anti semitic and anti woman media posts, the CTU has doubled down and is still supporting him. This should say enough about the CTU’s political agenda. Why is Rahm performing a public service by trying to keep any more of these parasites out of city hall? Chicago doesn’t have any real news media ask him so we’ll probably never know. Rahm is currently ensconced in Japan drumming up business for his family’s billion dollar business empire. Rahm’s money hustling game makes the Bidens look like small fry. If he manages to keep these nitwits out of city hall I might have to change my opinion of him though.

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