Chicago Way w/John Kass: Panic at the DNC

Chicago Way w/John Kass (07/01/24): To celebrate Independence Day and make sense of the debate, SCOTUS rulings, and more, Charles Lipson -the Peter B. Ritzma Professor of Political Science Emeritus at the University of Chicago- joins John Kass and Jeff Carlin. Plus, Kasso has a recipe for catching wild hogs, just in-time for the grill.

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  1. The DNC is losing its most powerful ally because the public now knows the mainstream press has been an active participant in the fraud that Biden has been fully cognizant and in charge. The public must now question how far back in time this has been going on perhaps as long ago as the election of 2020 when Joe Biden campaign from his basement was all a kabuki play.

  2. Up until the debate, the American Media reported Bidens mental acuity and physical health were outstanding. All the while never questioning why the Biden administration wouldn’t release the tape of the interview with the Justice Department. Four years ago American Media was complicit in hiding the fact Biden was losing it back then. This either means the media was either wrong or lying. You can be wrong in a criminal court of law. It happens all the time. To err is after all, human. Or you can lie. This is called perjury. A criminal offense. Which one is the American Media guilty of?

  3. Always an interesting way to spend some time. Very much enjoyed the discussion, to be sure. If I may offer a different “take” on Professor Lipson’s comments regarding Mr. Trump’s possible tactic going forward on the issue of abortion following the remarks Trump made during the debate: Having been involved in some of our DuPage County election in the last couple of decades, and seeing how the tenor of the election rhetoric has changed, I would suggest that Trump threaded the needle rather well on a very, very difficult subject. Lipson is likely correct in some cases: people (read: suburban women) will not necessarily cross over and vote for Mr. Biden. They simply will not vote! One need only look at the turn-out numbers of any election and then at the ‘marked lists’ available from the County to see that the number of voters is pathetically small. You may recall hearing Trump mention at one of the conclaves where he was speaking, when he was imploring Christians to get out and VOTE! They just DON’T! If Trump were to be perceived as back-pedaling on that issue, I guarantee even more of them would just stay home, or just not vote the top of the ticket. Trump’s instincts on this one are correct.

    Another reason to stay the course on that issue: Professor Lipson suggested Trump could offer to push for state statutes, keeping the issue in the states rather than thinking it would come back to being a federal issue. Even if Trump wins, believe me, he will NOT have that much “pull” in those Blue states where he would have just defeated Joe (or whomever else they’ll be putting up). They’ll dig in even deeper! Can you imagine our Governor Bubble Pants and his merry men in the Illinios legislature enacting ANYTHING that Trump might have even hinted at? There is just no way!!!!

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