Chicago Way w/John Kass: Mike Singletary wants to save your life

February 10, 2023

In this very special episode, Super Bowl champion & Hall of Fame linebacker Mike Singletary joins John Kass & Jeff Carlin to talk about his foundation – Changing Our Perspective – partnering with Pulse4Pulse to raise awareness about heart health among under-resourced communities. Mike also talks about what it takes to be a leader and of course, Super Bowl LVII. Plus, Kasso tries to pay it forward, even if that means giving up BBQ. Check out more Kasso at


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  1. Mike Singletary is a good man, very humble, and family oriented. His Hall Fame speech was legendary. When Walter Payton was on his death bed, he sent for Singletary to come pray with him. He wasn’t successful as an NFL coach because he couldn’t get his players to buy in as much as he did. There was a values disconnect.

    As for health, it would behoove us all to weigh ourselves and pay attention to what we put in our bodies and how much we move each day. Much of the food in the stores is unhealthy, and the drinks, shakes, powders, and soda all contain needless chemicals and preservatives.

    You don’t need to eat like a lumberjack if you’re not out falling trees.

  2. Mr Kass,

    Why couldn’t you have recruited Mike Singletary, or other beloved tough, smart Ex Chicgo Bears (Fencik or Doug Plank) to run for Chi Mayor?

    Chicagoans and most Americans love, respect our best retired Football stars. Look at Hershel Walker in GA. OK, Hershall Walker had some issues that family man Mike Singletary, Doug Plank and Gary Fencik don’t have, plus Black African Americans can hardly ever get elected as GOP Republicans.

    Voters identify with well liked, tough retired sports stars or coaches, Hollywood actors like Ronald Reagan and “the Terminator”, TV reality stars like Donald Trump “You’re fired” – they don’t identify with policy wonks like Paul Vallas.

    We should have had a landslide victory for a Mike Singletary or Gary Fencik and then this populist, celebrity mayor could appoint a Paul Vallas as his chief of staff.


    We haven’t had anyone on our side that just knows how to win city campaigns since mayor Daley Sr. died.

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