Chicago Way w/John Kass: How faith, family, & friendship help heal the heart

January 31, 2023

On this edition, John Kass takes us behind the scenes of his recent health ordeal, what his recovery has been like at the Shirley Ryan AbilityLab, and his faith has helped carry him through. Plus, veteran political guru at Serafin & Associates and co-host of The Crisis Cast, Thom Serafin joins John & Jeff Carlin to talk life, faith, & of course politics.

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    1. Wonderful to hear how well you’re doing and how you appreciate the life we have. Keep after it and remember all the supporters behind you cheering your progress. Sitting here in frigid Colorado, wondering how Mayor Beetlejuice will do in several weeks-nice to hear an update on the race from the locals who are in the know.

  1. Wonderful to hear you no longer on your sick bed, John, St Paul says for those who love God, everything cooperates for good: so it seems like your life has been saved by that shoulder injury. No one’s surprised by your deep faith in God, us human beings, and in nature–that comes out in your columns in the form of your passion for truth and justice, not the empty slogans used to kick people around, but the real thing. United with you in your belief in God’s never changing Love–for you, us, the lot, Brendan from Sydney

  2. Keep moving John, you’re getting stronger everyday! Heaven does have great fishing : but they’re not issuing any more licenses till hell freezes over, so you need to stick around! lay off the Polish sausages in the meantime!

  3. Yianni – good to hear that deep voice in good form! Bravou! Wishing you “kali therapeia!” You have no idea how much your wisdom and probing opinions are missed! Let us know if there’s anything we can do for YOU! Na se kala!

  4. No better way to start a frigid January morning than a fresh cup of coffee with a fresh podcast with Kasso and crew. Glad to hear the recovery is going well.

  5. Kasso, that was fun to hear, keep doing what you’re doing, smell those roses. Speaking of which, started writing a story for you about my adventure as a judge for the Emerald Society Chili Cook-Off last week at the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 7, where we sampled 14 different home made recipes for chili. What could go wrong? Paul Vallas was there, hopefully our next Mayor, so was the newly crowned queen of the St. Patrick’s Day parade Casey Doherty, and my sons Bill and Paddy and grand son Mikey. On the ride home I opened the car window and said let’s enjoy the smell of the roses, and Mikey said, “Grandpa, that ain’t roses!” God bless you pal.

  6. Very happy to hear that you’re doing well, and the beard looks great (as long as your wife agrees). This is a helluva way to lose some weight, however.

    You’re in my prayers, and wishing you a speedy recovery.

  7. Mr. Kass ,it’s great to hear that strong voice! After all the s@^% you have gone through these past couple of years, just an FYI ,there are easier ways to get some well deserved time off. Just kidding, but when it’s time ,you do OWE Betty, a nice warm beach somewhere! I had an uncle who would bring homemade pizza’s to his heart DR, and lived for many year’s after his procedure (maybe the dr. and staff really liked his pizza’s). Well, that’s my lame attempt to give you a little humor. Looking forwad to 60 more yrs. of excellent writing and commentary!! Keep getting stronger!

  8. Hey John, it’s my birthday today and what a great gift to see the sunshine and hear your voice! You sound good and look great in your picture. Praising God that you’re doing well and praying for continued, full healing!

  9. So glad to hear you are on the mend! As someone who went to Shirley Ryan for something nowhere near as serious as your situation, I can vouch for them too, they were amazing. Just take your own advice which I enjoyed hearing on this podcast and you’ll be fine! God bless you!

  10. It was good to hear you on the podcast and I’m looking forward to hearing you opine more on the Mayoral election and perhaps Governor Commodius Maximus demanding that the AP course in African American history include queer studies.

  11. Great to hear your voice today, John! Keep going forward and never give up. However, make sure you get some good rest and get well. God Bless you, Betty and Family.

  12. Life eternal with God IS the real life! This life is only preparation for eternity. Your faith in our Lord Jesus is awesome John! So glad you are still with us. Se aga po poulee!

  13. Your recovery is astounding. I remember when I was working in DC on the third floor of a building in the 70s, watching as a crew wheeled a middle aged man to an ambulance. He was as blue as an avatar. There was no work being on him and he died. I wish you, Betty and your sons wonderful times in the future. I no doubt will read about a fishing trip up north.

  14. John, I wish you the best in your recovery.

    I moved from Chicago to Philly over 50 years ago. Your and your writings and podcasts are my main connection to the City where I was born and raised. You are a treasure of Chicago, a truth teller with a thirst for justice, and a gifted communicator.

    God bless you and your family,

    John Sheehan

  15. John
    Wonderful to hear your voice on the podcast and grateful that your recovery continues forward. As a retired nurse, I know how important it is to have an advocate like Betty next to you. Keep focused on the rehab and forget the rest. We look forward to continuing the news journey with you. Perastika! Angie Zotos

  16. I’m so happy for you Kasso. You’re coming out the other side of your health crisis and will hopefully feel better than you have in years if you follow the program of exercise and diet along with your spirituality. You are a very blessed man and beloved by many.

    It’s all about love John. That’s why we are all here. You seem to have a great outlook and an optimal situation for healing. The gratitude is also apparent.

    Keep it up!

  17. John, You’re looking good. Just look at this as a rebuild, like the bionic man. We are all praying for you and know that you will be back. Your words and observations are needed.

  18. Hi John, I am so glad you are healing! Miss you nipping at the heels of injustice on so many levels! I saved many of your older columns that refer to your penchant for fine Maduros and rare 14-yr old after a well-marbled grilled sirloin, and hope you can enjoy one again soon! But then Betty would probably put you back in traction, so maybe not…😬
    Hang in there! You are one of the finest! Godspeed my friend!

  19. John, it’s so good to hear that you’re recovering from a rough ordeal. Listen to your therapists (even if they’re Democrats!), and get yourself in tip-top shape again. Yes, there will be changes to your lifestyle and diet, but at least all of us will have you back doing what you love. Praying for you!
    Linda Strzelczyk

  20. John,
    Great to hear from you. Great discussion about faith, friends and the professional healers of the world. Thanks for sharing. You’re in my prayers.

  21. Pleased to hear that you are doing well. No better place for you to be. I benefited greatly from the care at SRAL after having an aortic valve replacement and a stroke. I hope you get to experience the therapy pool. My very best wishes for a continued positive recovery.

  22. Obviously your heart recovery is more important than your shoulder. Having gone through shoulder surgery myself a few years ago (3 tears), I have to wonder how functional your shoulder will be without giving it the time sensitive rehab it needs. The assumption on my part being, you need to sacrifice shoulder treatment for the heart. Best of luck.

  23. John, So glad that you are getting stronger…I had a triple by-pass 22 years ago at 58. You will get a lot better. The first couple of months were tough then one day zi walked from Butch McGuires to the Wrigley building and back.. it was amazing. One day at a time.. Not sure if you have watched the CHOSEN…. it should be a must go everyone. The first two seasons are on Prime. The third season has an app for free. Be well🙏🙏🙏💕

  24. Now that you finally liposuction that weight you needed to, KEEP IT OFF. I assumed you stopped smoking too. Great. Now live long and keep us informed. There are so few like you who tell it like it is. WE NNED YOUR VOICE STAYE HEALTHY AND SAFE!

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