Chicago Way w/John Kass: Hold elected officials accountable for crime, not platitudes

March 21, 2023

Chicago Way w/John Kass (03/20/23): This week, former Cook County and federal prosecutor Bob Milan joins John Kass & Jeff Carlin to talk about which strategies and policies the next mayor of Chicago should consider, like holding weekly press conferences to call out elected officials who fail to keep the city safe, like the chief judge, state’s attorney, and police superintendent. Check out more Kasso at


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  1. Great to have you back John! You tried to make the Citizens of Chicago aware of the reality of Chicago Politics, but we all lost, if you want to see Chicago come out of the chaos that is occurring there.

    Many of those ideas expressed would have worked if Paul Vallas won, but unfortunately, he didn’t. Now that Toni Preckwinkle is totally in charge of Cook County, and her hand picked puppet won, the agenda set out by her to fully implement the Progressive Movement will spiral the County out of control and into chaos. You need revenue to keep a city safe, which Chicago doesn’t have with so many companies leaving as well as those who can afford to leave Cook County and Illinios.
    With the team of Preckwinkle, Fox, Evans and Johnson, it’s Soros’ Dream Team. They have done everything to protect criminals and nothing to help the victims of crimes. They will continue to defund and attack the Police and sending Social Workers to help control Mentally Impaired Individuals won’t stop the crimes, only the need to find replacements for those Social Workers that will become the next victims of a lawless Judicial System. That’s not social justice.

    It will be insulting to call it the next Detroit to Detroit, because the can has been kicked down the road too far in Chicago and the debit and crime it faces will sent it into spiral. Chicago regularly is highlighted in national and international news, while Detroit hasn’t had the focus on it like Chicago has justifiable so. There is no room for Moderates or anyone leaning Right in a Progressive Environment.

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