Chicago Way w/John Kass: Gentlemanly decorum and frog recipes for Chicago’s new mayor

Chicago Way w/John Kass (05/16/23): John Kass & Jeff Carlin discuss local sports media ‘personalities’ making inane & tasteless remarks about Dan Proft’s dead mother -friend of the show, the dawn of the Brandon Johnson era in Chicago as the new mayor begins his tenure on the 5th floor of City Hall, and the departure of Chicago’s 56th Mayor. Plus, Kasso wonders if Mayor Johnson has a good recipe for cooking frogs? Check out more Kasso at

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    1. If you disparage someone’s mother, you’d better be ready for a fight. Every school kid knows this. Mitch Risen should fire that puke Shane. What a tasteless remark. I don’t care for Proft myself. I’m sure he’s a nice man otherwise you wouldn’t speak so highly of him. But mothers and wives should be off limits.

      The Score has hemorrhaged audience since its heyday. They went political and talked race and I turned it off. I actually want to hear about sports, not race or LGBTQ issues on a sports station.

      Mike North would be cancelled today. He was the biggest star in local radio and would be fired the first week now.

      1. That is why I have left sports. ALL SPORTS. It’s become all about politics, race, etc and everything about everything EXCEPT sports. It doesn’t matter which sport, which level. It’s all become like the nightly news, simply unwatchable. Robert, you are spot on !

  1. Yes John, back when old man Daley was a mover in the old democrat party he, along with the other movers knew something like the Biden Hunter scandal would soon snowball in the national media. Not anymore. National media not only runs cover for the Democrats but creates false narratives for them. A leftist federal prosecutor has just resigned after being caught leaking information about a Republican candidate in the district attorney’s race in Boston. Barely a mention in the national press, none on television news. Not a big story. Nothing to be seen here. Democrats have nothing to fear from the media so they don’t worry about it anymore. By the way John, I know you’ve found your Utopia over there in Northwest Indiana but if you’re ever in Hammond at 173rd and Indianapolis there’s a greek diner named Tzatziki that serves up excellent greek street food. Small and family owned, its definitely a quick fix for its drago-bobs, chicken, souvlakis, and other excellent dishes. I always make it a go to stop when I’m visiting family in nearby Chicago. Good luck and good health. Always looking forward to your podcasts. Thanks again, good stuff.

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