Chicago Way w/John Kass: Culture devouring policy is no way to run a city

February 14, 2023

Joining the conversation on this edition the former Inspector General for Chicago, Joe Ferguson, is here to discuss why the media is letting down voters in the race for mayor, some of the pitfalls that have devoured Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s time on the 5th floor of City Hall, and why it is time to re-imagine they way Chicago’s government body works for the people with a city charter. Learn more about Joe’s latest work at (re)Chicago. Check out more Kasso at

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  1. Totally agree with the assessments you have all made. The media is a problem–seemingly in all races. They are like this year’s NFL refs making calls to favor one team over another. But the issue, to me, goes beyond the media. Voters need to stop expecting “free” anything from political hacks, and those running need to offer actual solutions to problems. Read here:

  2. Spot on Joe. The “news” media is nothing more than the mouthpiece for the leftist socialist party of america – formerly known as the democratic party! They’re all afraid of some sort of repercussions from the party in power, like an IRS audit, tax increases, parking tickets, any kind of “payback” for spreading “misinformation” once known as the news. None of the talking heads are journalists. They are simply readers doing their jobs, repeating what the monitor tells them to say. And worst – the legacy news outlets don’t even have their own “reporters” any more. Half of their news feed is procured and paid for from online posts and/or providers! Sad to see….

  3. Trump was right when he branded media as the enemy of the people. I was no fan of his, but look at the job they did on him. They were the reason he did not win re-election. They amplified his missteps, venality, and influence peddling, and drastically minimized Biden and his family’s same doings.

    Look at how powerful the oligarchs and the media they control are. They got Trump to shut the country down and speed up and experimental treatment for a virus that largely is deadly only for the very old, sick, or grossly out of shape. When he finally decided he’d made a mistake, he didn’t have the stones to fire Faucci and change course.

    Trump was victimized by an unethical, crooked press, but he was too lazy, dumb, and corrupt to actually try to “save” the nation from them. The feds have so much power with the anti trust, the various governmental agencies, he could have done a lot. Instead, he rolled over and let Pelosi, Schumer, and McConnel funnel billions to the laptop managerial class and the oligarchy, while skimming out on working people.

    Biden is no better.

    Paul Vallas may be the only truly honest person running for !ayor of the city. If he does win, the media will pull every trick in the book to call him racist, sexist, homophobic, nazi, whatever they can.

    He’s tough though and he can take it. I envision weekly press conferences outlining fraud, abuse and inefficiencies he discovers in the city budget. It’s what he did at CPS. Lots of folks over there don’t like him. He killed the job.
    Lots of heads need to roll in all the city departments.

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