Chicago Way w/John Kass: Charles Lipson on the uncertain future of the Middle East

Chicago Way w/John Kass (10/10/23): On the 411th episode, the Peter B. Ritzma Professor of Political Science Emeritus at the University of Chicago, Charles Lipson, joins John Kass & Jeff Carlin to with a sober look at the situation leading up to the events unfolding in Israel & what the future might hold for the Middle East. Plus, Kasso wonders if the Biden Administration is a asleep at the wheel.

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  1. What a fantastic podcast – well spoken, practical and informed commentary/opinion on the current state of the Middle East and our country. Professor Lipson is a great guest!

    So many great “tag” lines — “we need a leader,” “dumber than a box of rocks,” etc ..

    Everyone in this country needs to listen and understand these discussions!

  2. thank you Mr. Utroska:
    when we become men, to take care of our families and protect them, we put away the things of a child and stop thinking as a child thinks.
    thanks for listening to the Chicago Way.
    please tell your friends about us

  3. Yianni,
    The prof knows his stuff. Nailed it. Where else can we find sane people like him to help educate our youth to the realities of life, instead of dreaming of la la land? Most refreshing podcast. Now – if we could only elect some real leaders that can save the Republic from the hands of the leftists that are bound and determined to destroy it with their “progessive” garbage. See Chicago, Portland, Seattle, LA, New York if you don’t believe me!

  4. As the defund the police purveyors of misdirection, they can’t understand when the become victims of violent crimes, when they supported the criminal behavior in the first place. The Biden administration is guilty of the same thing. Giving $6B to Iran is having the same consequences. He placated the Iranians and never saw beforehand that it will bite them back.
    A very good podcast to explain and explore the problems in the Middle East.
    Professor Lipson is right on the mark. This administration is simply following the Obama playbook. Give in to the enemies of the US, and this is the repercussions realized.
    The world saw the weakness of this administration with the Afghanistan withdrawal . The world also sees the folly of the Ukraine proxy war.
    Watching Biden would certainly bolster the CCP intentions of taking over Taiwan in short order.

  5. Hamas’s attack is barbaric, hideous, and tragic. But this discussion is woefully inadequate, as it begins with a one word lie: “unprovoked.”

    UNPROVOKED? And no discussion, no context, only an echo chamber?

    As Amer Zahr succinctly put it:

    >75 years of ethnic cleansing.
    15 years of blockade.
    Confiscation of Palestinian lands.
    Pogroms on Palestinian towns.
    Desecration of Palestinian sacred sites.
    Daily raids into Palestinian homes.
    Constant humiliation of a entire people.

    Nothing about today is “unprovoked.”<

    Would Israelis have behaved better if roles had been reversed. and if they'd lived in enforced statelessness, and in an oppressive, open air prison, under the sorts of barbaric apartheid conditions that they've imposed on the Palestinians?

    The question answers itself.

    Former CIA analyst Ray McGovern offers the sort of essential context you're not getting here:

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