Chicago Way w/John Kass: Can Biden’s stumbles be overcome at next week’s debate?

Chicago Way w/John Kass (06/21/24): This week, veteran political advisor at Serafin & Associates and co-host of The Crisis Cast Thom Serafin joins John Kass & Jeff Carlin to talk June’s Serafin Power Poll, what summer in Chicago will look like with the DNC, NASCAR, Lolla, & more taking over, and why President Joe Biden’s team keeps letting him look lost in public in the run-up to the first debate. Plus, Kasso wonders how far the White House & CNN will go to keep people from believing their own eyes?

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  1. John, you ask if the American people are so stupid and easily manipulated?
    I believe they are. I look at all the senseless, idiotic commercials on TV and think, “who are the morons there’re trying to reach” with these commercials. There is an endless supply of this type of advertisement and the general public must be buying whatever product they’re selling. The media easily controls too many of these people and I don’t hold out much hope for desired results in the upcoming elections.
    Sorry, just my opinion.

  2. I fear for our country. Insanity is ruling – and people have buried their head in the sand. We can only hope AND pray that the real Biden shows up in all his dementia. Trump needs to play it cool and not get baited.

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