What Happened to John Kass?

January 21, 2023

John Kass is back with a message to everyone about what’s been happening. Plus, John’s brother Nicholas Kass joins Jeff Carlin for an update on Kasso’s recovery. Check out more Kasso at JohnKassNews.com

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  1. So glad your procedure went great. I too had the “widow maker” the recovery is tough but worth it; God is keeping you around to do the good work that you are.

  2. Prayers for healing. Prayers for patience in the process. God bless Betty and the family on this journey to better health.
    Thank you Jeff and Nick for the update.
    God is in the details.

  3. We will wait, however long it may be, to hear the mellifluous tones of that unique voice and to read the flowing words of our favorite scribe. Get well, John! Give our best to Betty and the boys, and to your extended family.

  4. Didn’t realize you’d also suffered a stroke. Dang, son! Don’t do anything halfway…

    Delighted to hear your voice, and to hear that you will keep on fighting.

    Continued prayers for your recovery, for your family, and that you will continue in your quest.

    God hold all of you close!

  5. We’re all glad you’re recovering. Please focus on that–your complete recovery, and don’t worry about writing and don’t worry about your followers. Making a complete recovery is everything. You have loyal friends who are talented writers and their occasional contributions will be welcome (actually, that’s one of the things I like best about JKN–the great guest columnists). We’ll all be here when you get back! God Bless!

  6. John, I’m glad everything went well for you. We are so lucky to live in these times and in a world class city with talented such Doctors. Events like this have a great way of helping to remind us what is really important, and it’s decidedly not this warped political climate we live. in now, where they try to distracts us, divide us, and keep us fighting while they do the bidding of the oligarchy and steal from us with impunity.

    It’s wonderful that you have access to world class care, and so many family and friends a loyal readers pulling for you. I only wish that everyone had this. Maybe a medical catastrophe is why John McCain gave the famous thumbs down when faced with keeping a flawed, corrupt Obamacare, vs. kicking millions of folks off of their health care plans.

    Good luck, keep fighting, and bask in the love that is enveloping you. You are a lucky man. We need you back writing as soon as you are able.

  7. John- Glad to hear the heart surgery was successful. Thanks to Nicholas and Jeff for the podcast update. Looking forward to reading your articles and listening to the podcasts in the future. Take care of yourself, we will all be here waiting on your return.

  8. God closes one door, and he opens another. You are very fortunate to have grown up in a family, at a time and a place that enabled you to value the basics of life. God, family, country, and hard work. I am confident that the love of your family and the support of the thousands of us who know you mostly through your writing and words will help motivate you to press on through the rehab that will enable you to continue your wonderful work. Hard headed people from the South side sometimes have a hard time doing what those gifted doctors and the best rehab people in the world at Shirley Ryan will tell you what to do but you can and will do it. Try to keep a sense of humor, have the patience of Job, and the resilience of the Black Knight (Monty Python) in your recovery. Chanel your inner Sisyphus and push through all of the challenges that lie ahead. It was not over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor, and it is not over now. I am confident that your wealth of knowledge, your wonderful way of looking at this gift of life, and this bump in the road will be a path to some of your best writing in the years to come. Keep the faith, and may the Lord bless you and yours.

  9. Best wishes and prayers for your rapid and complete recovery- we need you to keep writing the truth, and to continue the pride that your Greek ancestors have in you.

  10. John:

    Glad that your surgery went well and that you are on the mend. Looking forward to your future columns.

    How do we know when our subscription is ready for renewal?

  11. Wow, you have been through a lot in the last few weeks! I missed the last pod cast and I don’t do twitter so thanks for today’s Update. Get well slow, one step at a time, one day at a time. Don’t push it, your readers understand and can wait until you are ready. God is Good, you are Blessed to be here. My continued prayers for you, Betty (especially Betty!), your Sons and Family. And God Bless your Doctors, Nurses, Therapists, and all the Staff who care for you.

  12. John, I didn’t know what happened to you, and I’m sorry I didn’t keep up with your columns. (‘Been sick myself!). I’m so glad you made it through all your health issues. Get better, but take your time. We’ll be waiting for your conservative words of wisdom. You’re in my prayers.

  13. Hey John!
    Guess we are getting older and have to deal with this stuff. Hang in there and wish you successful
    recovery! My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. Looking forward to you getting back and entertaining me with your work! Kev

  14. John, wishing you a speedy recovery. We need your voice to tell the real story. The woke press has abdicated its responsibility to inform the public honestly. You are one of the only media persons to shed some light on issues that profoundly impact our way of life.

    Get Well

  15. John, my great grandparents were married in Chicago and I have 3 cousins in the area. Other than that, no real ties to the area. 30 years in MD and 32 in CO. You, over the years, have been the rationale voice in Chicago for me. I am grateful for your service to the region and people like me and really enjoy your personal details about your life. As you progress thru your rehabilitation, please know you have supporters out there pulling for you as you work your way through the tough times. If you need a stranger to fly in for some rehab sessions support, let me know.

  16. John, it is a relief to know you are doing well, with family close by. As the son of a father who survived a multiple bypass surgery by the excellent staff at U of C Hospital, I pray your recovery rivals his. We had him for another 20+ years – meet the challenge! (The Lord has not so subtle ways to remind us that each day IS a blessing.). Also, as a veteran of multiple rotator cuff repairs, I recommend you “do the therapy!”

    I am a first time commenter (and with any luck, a one-time commenter.). But your current circumstances prompt me to, selfishly, reach out. Why? Well I think someday we should have a drink, before our bottles are both empty.

    I have read your Tribune column for many years and now read and listen to your musings about the current and future state of Chicago, Illinois and our country. We don’t always agree. But like a beacon of light or the star in the east, your voice and words renew/sustain my faith in the Constitution I proudly served to preserve and protect.

    We have some common ground. You lived up the street from my family in Oak Lawn. Family lore has it that my sister Pat babysat for you and Pete. Two younger siblings Madonna and Walt, like you, learned to appreciate the beauty of the written word from Mr. Jadicki (sp?) at HL Richards. As “youts” we all passed your house each day on our road to perdition/salvation at St. Catherine of Alexandria grammar school. Our father was a school teacher and principal in the Chicago Public Schools. Our mother did the hard work of raising 13 – there are saints and there are moms…. Mary Dwyer was both. We were so blessed – it only took me 60 years to realize it – slow learner!

    So, enough blarney. John, I wish you a speedy recovery, good health and rest, but most of all I wish you and your family, the best.
    Ed Dwyer

  17. Wow! God’s purposes for your life are obviously not finished yet! So glad you are still here! Voices like yours must be heard. Praying for a quick, complete recovery! We love you John! Se – aga – po polee!

  18. John, my spouse recently underwent quad bypass after suffering a stroke. He is strongly recovering and no doubt you will, as well! It is humbling, traumatic, emotionally exhausting and made me realize afresh how fragile life is as we know it.

    Be good to yourself, immerse yourself in the therapy and rehab and day by day your strength and health will recover. God and the universe have plans for you and those who have experienced this amazing “replumbing” as we call it! I look forward to hearing from you in your column as soon as you are able. And Betty, be good to yourself too; keeping vigil with your mate is not for the faint of heart but loves keeps us going, doesn’t it? Take care!

  19. Godspeed Mr. Kass, been with you from the beginning & love your work & you Sir! Keep up the fight, take care of yourself. You’re in my prayers & thanks for what you do. All my best & love. 😉👊🏻🙏🏻

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