Chicago Way w/John Kass: A visit with migrants living in a police station

Chicago Way w/John Kass (10/22/23): On this episode, Ted Dabrowski of joins John Kass & Jeff Carlin to discuss his recent visit to a Chicago Police Station at Division & Larrabee to talk with migrants who have been recently bused from the US/Mexico border and forced to live in tents (if they’re lucky) or outside the police station. Ted also offers up his take on Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson’s massive budget proposal.

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  1. I tell everyone I know to log into your Page John. Someone that is telling the truth. Sad as to what has happened to America thanks to Obama and his friends. He told us that he would change the face of America and he has done just than and continues to run the Government. How in Heavens name are all these Universities allowed these Students to attend without money and grades. The Muslim Population is growing, Christianity is on the decline, and they came to America to change it not to assimilate and become Americans and help to improve this Country. They want it to part of their Country and America as we knew it is gone. The Immigrants that wanted the American Dream for their families, came from all over the World, worked hard, paid their taxes and built this great Country, Today the Government allows open Borders for Hamas to come in and others that want the destroy America and the Governors and Mayors of these once Great Cities allow it to happen. How about the Homeless that are Citizens? Do they not count?
    The young because of their Parents and Grandparents have worked so hard to give them a Great Country and a good Education, instead they took the money and became part of the Hate America Crowd. How sad folks. John please write your heart out and tell the truth. There is no respect for people any more, it is all about me, and me and how much will I inherit. I see it and hear it all the time. No Honor, No Respect, No Love for Your Neighbor. I am so glad that I lived in the best Century Ever, and I see America due to it’s Government go down the Hill. We that know the Lord and put our Trust in Him will be fine. So sad for the young they have to clue what is ahead for them and what a Education? LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. The educational and spiritual dumbing down of America. Kick out God and morality, kick out the 10 commandments, embrace political corruption and lying politicians, embrace “woke” beliefs, this is what happens – a dangerous trend. god help us! themoo voitha!

  3. The front page of yesterday’s Chicago Fibune addresses how our “migrants” are being abused. The front page pictures a white gentleman is organizing the “migrants” on how to apply for the free stuff. Another picture shows three able bodied Venezuelan men sitting in a post modern apartment telephone surfing on TikTok. Another pic shows a woman making her kids a hearty breakfast in a very modern well equipped kitchen. Nice digs if you can get ’em! Certainly nicer than the tents. Not doing too bad for people who got here without a nickel in their pocket. Oh, wait a minute. That’s right. We’re paying for this. The American taxpayer. I know soon these, “migrants” will soon assimilate and begin working in the highly paid fast food industry to pull their own weight. At least they’re here to work, unlike our fellow lazy Americans who scoff at the notion of employment. That’s right, I know you might have been a taxpayer who fell on hard times. Maybe you’re on disability or a military vet who has PTSD and needs help to get on your feet. If you understand the struggle of our “migrants” and applied this to your personal struggles you would also reap the benefit of truly appreciating our new “citizens”. Just remember, we are all born equal. It’s just that some are more equal than others.

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