Can We Take Three More Years of Biden?

by John Kass

President Joe Biden was babbling dangerously during his recent trip to Poland to shore up the NATO alliance against Russia’s murderous invasion of Ukraine.  And as he babbled and babbled, his White House staff poured sawdust on the puddles and tried cleaning it up again and again.

The man just would not stop.

Biden’s wide-open mouth was a firehose of senile anger, shooting out a torrent of unfocused danger. His  words won’t shorten the conflict, but will likely prolong the suffering of the Ukrainian people. His babbling strengthens Vladimir Putin in Russia, while dragging America and the rest of the world ever closer to nuclear confrontation.

Democrats once talked glibly of the 25th Amendment to remove a Republican president, who they insisted was incompetent and alleged without evidence that he was a pro-Russian traitor. He wasn’t any of those things. They simply hated him. But they did have the corrupt legacy corporate media behind them as their echo chamber.

They’re not talking 25th Amendment now, are they? Not with one of their own in the White House, a man they installed because their Wall Street guys and the banks were afraid they’d lose if Vermont Socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders were nominated. And still Joe Biden babbles and barks and shouts like an angry old man losing control. And sends all that spittle to fleck their faces.

And Hunter Biden, the president’s son, finds that he has cast himself in a mold of his own making, as a bagman in Ukraine, China and elsewhere.

You know what a bagman is, don’t you?

It’s not all that complicated. A bagman goes on errands with an empty empty bag. It doesn’t stay empty long. By the time the errands are done, the bag is full, and “the boss,” or, “The Big Guy,” if you prefer, smiles in satisfaction.

Just ask somebody from Chicago, Washington, New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Detroit, Cleveland or just about anywhere, even in Republican controlled areas, where government is used as the hammer. The bagman helps soften the blow.

 Hunter had been furiously protected by corrupt legacy corporate media and the Lords of Big Tech. That was in October of 2020, when his laptop from hell was about to become big news just before the last presidential election. But in the land of the free, in the country that keep telling ourselves isn’t like  Russia or China, the news about Hunter just had to be suppressed, even cancelled, to protect Joe’s path to the White House.

Now though, it’s a different story for Hunter. Even the leading Hunter Biden laptop story news suppressor, the New York Times, has admitted—buried deep in another story—that the laptop is real.

With the heat on him, Hunter Biden ripens like a fish left forgotten in the trunk of your car over a warm weekend. News reports out Monday were about the federal grand jury investigating Hunter for tax fraud, focusing on all that cash he scooped up overseas, using his father as leverage with the Ukrainian gas company, Burisma, along with his China dealings in partnership with China’s spymasters and other schemes.

That is the same China that is making moves to shore up Putin. It is the same Ukraine where Hunter Biden played, a Ukraine now bloody with the suffering of innocents at Putin’s hands.

From where I sit in the Midwest, far from the Beltway where the American Kemalists of both parties play their war games, with Americans knowing that the tough talkers will never, ever put their skin or their children in their most dangerous game, I ask simple questions:

Can America stand another three years of the Bidens?

Can the world take much more?

The mood of the American nation is of impending doom, with the Biden White House staggering from one chaos to the next, as Biden’s poll numbers drop across the board, even with black voters critical to Democrat hopes. The November mid-term elections approach, rushing up at the Democrat Party the way the ground rushes up to meet the man who jumps from a high window. The party is desperate, in full hysterics, so eager to change the subject they’re now attacking the wife of a Supreme Court Justice. And the witless among them focus on that witch-slap fight at the Hollywood Oscars.

It’s not working. Americans feel badly for the people of Ukraine, yes, but they’re not buying the Biden war spin. They remember Iraq, and see the bi-partisan War Party as the people who lied about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, as the liars who told them the U.S. had to make a regime change there.

The American people see right through them. They see the Republican war hawks. They see the  Democrat war hawks. But most Americans are interested in their own lives, wondering how they’ll pay their bills with the economy cracking.

Under the last administration, the one that Democrats talked openly of using the 25th Amendment against, the world was not rushing toward nuclear conflict. There was relative peace, cheap gas and American economic optimism.

Now, Biden’s inflationary policies eat at American savings. Most Americans live from paycheck to paycheck. And the white working class—once considered the base of the Democratic Party—is no longer the base. Black Democrats and Latinos also edge away from the Democrats for the same reasons. They see a Democratic party controlled by the radical left. And they have bills as inflation rises quickly, to heights not seen for decades.

And with with costs rising so high, many must choose between buying enough gas to get to work, or food. Not beef, but beans.

I’m sure most reasonable Americans believe it would be best for America and the world that the Bidens leave the White House. He’s not the same man he was just years ago. I’m not making fun of him, I don’t mean to mock him, many of us have aged parents.

But senility on full display in a nuclear world is not a luxury the world can afford. And whether Dr. Jill in her role as Edith Wilson leads Joe into a Delaware basement and leaves him there with the TV on without  telling him why; or whether they leave the White House through some bloodless Democrat palace coup, Americans will not feel all that upset if the Bidens just move on.

Not even Democrats would be all that upset. They see the poll numbers. They’ll sigh with relief when he’s gone.

But that that begs another question:

Is Vice President Kamala Harris really an acceptable replacement for the man who selected her as his running mate, in order to appease the racists of the Democratic Party, simply because she checked all of those important demographic boxes of skin pigment and gender?

Can America and the world handle even a few seconds of Kamala, with that sing-song delivery of hers, talking to us as if we were children, while knowing that she finds policy so boring, so completely uninteresting, that she can’t be bothered to read her briefing books.

 There is no competent leadership from the president or vice president, is there?

A disastrous new NBC poll showing Biden’s approval ratings at his lowest ever. The Hill reported that the poll  finds 7 in 10 Americans have little confidence in Biden’s  competence regarding Russia and Ukraine. And 8 in 10 are fearful that it all may lead to higher gas prices and nuclear war.

The NBC News poll was compiled before the president went on his disastrous trip to Poland. His handlers and America’s allies hoped that he’d follow the script and keep it simple, offering strength, competence, clarity and resolve during this time of crisis. But that didn’t happen.

Biden insisted that sanctions threatened against Russia for invading Ukraine did not deter Putin. “Let’s get something straight,” Biden barked as if he were confronting his old nemesis “Corn Pop.”

 “You remember if you’ve covered me from the very beginning, I did not say that in fact the sanctions would deter him. Sanctions never deter. You keep talking about that! Sanctions never deter,” said the president.

Oh, really? But the Biden administration’s most senior officials, from Harris to Secretary of State Antony Blinken, to National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan followed his administration script that the sanctions were indeed intended to deter Putin. They didn’t deter him.

It got worse. At the end of his speech in Poland, Biden said Putin must be removed.

“For God’s sake!” the president barked, “this man (Putin) cannot remain in power.”

Simply put, that’s regime change, and could galvanize Putin’s support among those America hoped to peel away from the Russian boss. Biden’s clean-up crew ran back to the mess the president made, and said he did not call for regime change. But the world heard what he said.

Previously, while talking to American troops in Poland, he told them they would see first-hand the bravery of the Ukrainian people when they’re in Ukraine.

 “You’re going to see when you’re there and some, some of you have been there, you’re gonna see, you’re gonna see women, young people standing in the middle, in front of a damn tank!” Biden said.

The White House had to again contradict the president, saying America wouldn’t be sending American troops to Ukraine.

And on the matter of those mysterious secret Ukrainian bio-labs, with Putin saying Ukraine might use chemical weapons developed there, Biden was asked this question by a reporter:

If chemical weapons were used in Ukraine, would that trigger a military response from NATO?

“It would trigger a response in kind,” Biden said forcefully.

But National Security Adviser Sullivan again had to correct his president. “The United States has no intention of using chemical weapons, period under any circumstances,” Sullivan said.

When top officials, including the Secretary of State and the National Security Adviser publicly correct the president, this is not a good look. It doesn’t present confidence. It was as if a destructive toddler had been unleashed in an exclusive antique shop, the parents running after him to stop him from smashing rare old clocks. But he’s not some toddler. He’s the president of the United States.

And when asked about what other world leaders must think, since his own administration officials had to walk back his comments, President Biden smiled politely, gently, and vacantly. He acted as if he hadn’t the foggiest idea.

“What’s getting walked back?” asked President Biden.

When politely reminded he’d spoken of three subjects that had been walked hack–American troops seeing bravery in Ukraine, of America using chemical weapons in in response to chemical attack, and about Biden saying that Putin cannot remain in power, for God’s sake, the president of the United States just stared off.

And then he said, “None of the three occurred. None of the three.”

 You didn’t say those things Mr. President? The world heard you.

The old narrative is that Joe was the old guy who said wacky things, but there were adults in the room to restrain and guide him. But the new narrative, infinitely more troubling, is that Biden’s unscripted blabbing reveal, rather than contradict policy.

Going forward, expect the Democrats to rely on the crazy old Joe defense to handle future controversies.

These political crises will include questions about Hunter Biden, either from federal prosecutors or the Republican Congress coming to Washington in November, about Joe using his clout to leverage success for Hunter in Ukraine or in China, where Hunter’s business partners were allegedly Chinese intelligence officials.

Those in Washington who profited from Biden’s political clout must certainly hope that the I-don’t-remember defense works, even after they cut him lose.


(Copyright 2022 John Kass)

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