Biden’s Guilty Smile Reveals the Malevolent Creature Within

By John Kass | June 2, 2024

One glaring feature of President Joe Biden’s raging dementia is this:

Despite the best efforts of puppet master Barack Obama and other handlers to obscure his condition, Biden keeps revealing the malevolent creature within.

The truth flashed uncontrollably the other day at the White House.  Any American who saw Biden’s long, weird smirk celebrating the criminal conviction of his rival–former President Donald Trump–won’t forget it. If you care about this country you won’t forget it.

Because just then Biden admitted that he and the Democrats had crossed the Rubicon and taken all of us with them. And now there is no safe, painless, easy way of going back.

Some may try convincing themselves that it was just the smirk and smile of some harmless, witless old weirdo. But the weirdo happens to be president of the United States. He had already publicly released his Justice Department dogs and George Soros’ own New York prosecutor to take some old misdemeanors and Frankenstein them into phony felonies to get Trump.

Biden crossed the Rubicon to tear up our American understanding of impartial justice and the rule of law and replaced it with the political left’s operating theory that is common to all authoritarian regimes: The ends justify the means.

The media had an orgy over Trump’s conviction. It should have been X rated. The flesh eating harpies of “The View” wanted him sent to Rikers Island to be assaulted by street criminals. They laughed as they confessed to being so excited they were leaking. The audience cheered and cooed.

And once the American rule of law was torn by angry partisan teeth, we realized that we’re finally no different than any communist nation or some banana republic where it is routine to jail the political opposition.

Consider the image at the top of this column. He knew about using “justice” and “show trials” to imprison political opposition. In the U.S.S.R, the monstrous Lavrentiy Pavvlovich Beria ran Stalin’s secret police, and was credited with the famous phrase of all the authoritarians: “Show me the man, and I will give you the crime

Beria was the most influential of Stalin’s secret police chiefs. He organized the massacre of tens of thousands of Polish and Romanian officers. The Deep State was refuge for him and he thrived there for decades in its wet dungeons, with bare electrical wires and the screams of generations of innocents. In those dark dungeons there must have been some captives who dreamed of a place like America where such things never happened, where political show trials would never, ever happen.

But they happen now in America, don’t they? Especially now in America, where the ruling class seeks to use “justice” to put political opponents in prison.

After Biden praised himself and began to walk shakily out of the room a reporter shouted a question:

“Mr. President, can you tell us, sir: Donald Trump refers to himself as a political prisoner and blames you directly. What’s your response to that, sir?”

The video is now a Trump campaign spot. The left-leaning Axios noted that Trump campaign manager Chris LaCivita tweeted the video and labeled it “The face of corruption” — “a phrase you’ll hear again.”

We will hear it and see it. Again and again and again. And we should. Those who don’t want to watch that video, those who don’t want Americans to appreciate Biden’s creepy smile are themselves complicit.

Please consider that creepy smile once again. Consider the president smiling. It is a smile of an evil and sentimental man, a corrupt man who has opened the borders to millions of illegals, yet tells us the border is secure, a man who has spent the last 52 years of his political/public life layered in corruption and artifice and lies.

And during the eternity of that painfully long smirk and smile, the lifetime of lies fell away to reveal the creature hidden behind the artifice. It happens with dementia patients. But this is not just some aged family member. This is your president. He doesn’t “run” the country, he is too feeble minded to run anything.  Obama and the Obama crew let him pretend and talk of ice cream. He is the front man. And the American people know him for what he is: A liar.

His lies are well-known yet ignored or glossed over by his allies in the leftist corporate media who protect him. Yet happily for the rest of us, The Federalist magazine has kept a list. Here are just a few of many examples: He has lied about being arrested in Soweto trying to visit the jailed South African leader Nelson Mandela. He lied about the fatal crash that took the life of his wife, and compounded that lie by alleging that the truck driver was drunk. The driver was not drunk.

He has lied about fighting off the fabricated black street gang leader “Corn Pop,” waging epic battle with a length of chain as if he were some heroic Delaware version of el Cid. He lied that he drove an 18-wheeler, lied about his uncle having been eaten by cannibals in the South Pacific.

Biden lied that he didn’t know a thing about his son Hunter selling the Biden family name in illegal influence peddling schemes with China, Ukraine and other nations. He lied that he never met Hunter’s business partners. He lied that he didn’t know anything about the laptop from hell.

He didn’t know a thing about how more than 50 American intelligence officials signed that mysterious letter dismissing the Hunter laptop as Russian disinformation. It wasn’t Russian disinformation. It was true. But the compliant leftist American corporate media protected him–and attacked, and ignored the true story in the New York Post–rather than let Americans read it for themselves. And the titans of social media helped him bury that laptop story right before the last election.

He has told a lifetime of lies. The American media has gone out of its way to carry his water. And now that the American justice system has been weaponized, as if it were a criminal court on the edge of Chinatown, or Central American banana republic or some jail in Belarus, can we just hop back across the Rubicon and pretend nothing has happened?

Or will some red-state prosecutor in some conservative jurisdiction indict Joe Biden and his crew out of office? Will the media like that?

“I think these  Trump trials, and this one in particular shows we have now opened the door to the weaponization of our justice system, against political opponents, and that genie is not going to easily be put back  in the bottle,” said my friend Tom Bevan, president and co-founder of Real Clear Politics on my podcast The Chicago Way that I co-host with WGN executive producer Jeff Carlin.

“Part of this is you can argue, that part of this simply unique to Trump. The dems have an absolute fever and are willing to do whatever is necessary, any means necessary, to take him down.”

Bevan says that Americans may believe that once Trump is “gone off the scene, whether he’s acquitted, convicted, and whether he wins election, or loses the election, whether he’s  here for another four years or four months, when he’s gone that we will revert to the mean, and some of these excesses will ebb away and we’ll go back to something more normal.”

But you once these precedents have been set and if Joe Biden wins re-election, Bevan asks:

“What’s going to stop a red state attorney general who wants to make a name for themselves to do what Alvin Bragg did, and invent these novel charges and move things from misdemeanors to up to felonies and use legal theories to concoct something, and get a red state attorney general to indict Joe Biden or Hunter Biden or anyone else?”

Many of us have asked that.

“Once you’ve crossed that Rubicon that seems it’ll become the rule rather than the exception,” Bevan said. “A terrible terrible thing for this country. It’s what a lot of us have been screaming about and warning about for years: Don’t do this because the shoe will be found on the other foot.”

As the American political left celebrated the taking down of Trump, there were perhaps a few who could see the inevitable counter reformation to come. Those who understand human nature might see what’s coming. But most of the left didn’t want to take a look at the bed they had made for themselves. They praised themselves and prattled on and on about their precious rule of law, ignoring the fact that they had grabbed the tomahawks, leaving the opposition no other choice than to grab tomahawks for themselves.

They were full of chatter about “truth” in politics. But they really don’t want to see the truth.

The truth of where Joe Biden has taken the country was written all over his face.

It was in that eerie, creepy smile written in the hollows of what once were his eyes, that smile that unwittingly acknowledged the truth of what Joe Biden and his puppet master Barack Obama have done.

They have dragged America across the Rubicon. And now there is no easy, painless way for us to return home.




About the author: John Kass spent decades as a political writer and news columnist in Chicago working at a major metropolitan newspaper. He is co-host of The Chicago Way podcast. And he just loves his “No Chumbolone” hat, because is a “No Chumbolone” Zone where you can always get a cup of common sense.

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    1. Thank you James. There is evil in this world. I saw the creepy smile and thought the same thing. Biden and Obama, smiling at us as they pull America across the Rubicon by the hair. There is no painless way of going back.

      1. Satisfying article sir

        Per ChatGPT, the Rubicon is a small river in northern Italy famously crossed by Julius Caesar with his army in 49 BCE, in defiance of the Roman Senate’s orders. This action effectively initiated a civil war.

        Pray the civil war in this case will be more civil than war, but in leu of this not being the case, looking for travel recommendations in Indiana from Chicago August 19-22…heard there’s pickleball, but the food is average at best.

      2. Excellent! Every night I lay in bed and pray for our country. I keep asking, how did we get here? Do the democrats hate this country so much that they’re destroying it on a daily basis? I’m truly terrified.

      3. Thank you John …we live in a world of good and evil. One side has turned an arrogant flawed man into an evil monster and ignored this incompetent evil liar who is destroying the constitution and transforming a decent law abiding country under the guise of hope and change to the chaos we have today

      4. Sorry, John, don’t agree. You see, the GOP doesn’t fight “like that” – they’re sort of living like the Good Guys of the TV Westerns I watched in the 1950’s. They only shot when the bad guy shoots at them first. They never shoot to kill but to “wing” the guy who tried to kill them and shoot the pistol or rifle from his hands. No, John, we’ve not crossed the Rubicon, we’ve merely been beaten by Evil and the GOP will refuse to respond in kind. Like you I wish it weren’t so but I’m a realist. I’ve seen what the Daley’s did to Chicago and how their successors messed it up further and nothing happened. I’ve seen the Nation watch the horrible treatment of the candidates for SCOTUS, Justices Thomas, Roberts, Kavanaugh, and Comey Barrett. But the GOP was kind and gentle to Sotomayor, Kagan, and the less than learned Brown Jackson… Keep wishing, John, it feels good.

      5. As a physician who cared for patients and as son and son in law who took care of my mother and helped with a mother in law who had dementia, respectedly I find your criticism of a man who has a medical illness repulsive. He is being used and he may not even know it. Shame on all of you. Have you no sense of decency. Pick on his wife or others for using him for political purposes but stop picking on a man with serious cognitive problems.

        1. Sorry TR! The correct POTUS speaks and we all remember his 2024 SOTU campaign speech don’t we? Sure WE know he’s unfit for the position and the Demoncrats know it also, but they stand behind him (literally standing there ready to pick him up when he stumbles again). ‘MAGA’ right now is the only chance to right the ship quite a bit! Perhaps civil war will be in our childrens lifetime, so everyone concerned should prepare them for that battle so they are not surprised. Amazing that Love and Truth always gets pushed aside by Evil and it’s supporters! May I remind you all about what’s on TV, movies, internet? Evil strikes first, good has to fight it again and again!
          Will America survive? Only God knows! Looking at history, NO, they all have fallen! The Left is trying hard to add America to that list. And that’s a FACT!

          1. Did Hitler win?
            Did Stalin win?
            Did the old soviet union win?
            Did Mao win?
            Did not the Persian, Roman etc empires win?
            Etc, etc, etc.
            Fighting the battle with honesty, diligence and never give up spirit triumphs above all. Evil may conquer initially but it never stays in control. People who WANT TO BE FREE EVENTUALLY BECOME FREE. LOOK AT POLAND AS AN EXAMPLE, UNDER HITLER, USSR BUT THE PEOPLE WANTING FREDOM WON. SAME WITH UKRAINE. PUTIN WILL EVENTUALLY LOSE, NO MATTER WHAT WE DO.
            We are suppose to be one nation. It’s harder to try and understand the otherside but easier just to bitch, call others names, make fun of the elderly with a disease, call who you don’t agree with Commies, socialists etc without even knowing one bit about those theories of govt. This group is a bunch of do nothing whiners. You don’t like things then get your lazy asses into politics and change things.

        2. Your personal experience with medical issues are understandably important to you. However, Biden is the President of the United States! We have a constitutional right as Americans to excoriate a person (and his handlers, e.g., Obama; media) who is destroying our beloved country. You find us “repulsive” and have no “decency”. Did Biden show any decency toward Clarence Thomas in 1991?

    2. They, Obama, Biden, and our Attorney General are soulless bureaucrats.
      Anything goes to hold on to power.
      We can only hope that Trump prevails in November. I also hope that he picks an Attorney General with the courage and conviction to reexamine the Biden family, Hillary’s server and the rat Comey.
      I also hope that the new FBI headquarters is relocated to Boise, Idaho or Helena, Montana.
      Get it as far as from that cesspool of D.C. as possible. I also hope that the first casualty in the world of people he fires is the two-faced Christopher Wray.

  1. I hope all the sheep who swallowed all the Trump propaganda and voted for this
    absolute train wreck of a regime are very proud of themselves.
    I’m sure they are all pissing themselves at the thought of four more years of these disgusting Obamas or Obidens or whatever.
    Goodbye America, it’s been nice to know ya.

    1. you’re projecting, as the left projects, as the marxist harpies of the “view” project. rather than insult your nation, examine your own motives

  2. Boy did you hit the nail on the head!
    This does not bode well for America, anyone can see that. Welcome to the Banana Republic of America.

    1. Sorry, but when you say Banana Republic of America the closest thing that comes to mind is the Capitol riot of Jan. 6, 2021. Even more shamefully, on that day our former president did nothing to stop it for hours.

  3. This isn’t unique to Trump. The Democrats have been throwing bogus charges at Republicans for decades. Casper Weinberger, Tom Delay, Ted Stevens and Michael Flynn come to mind. The Republicans never retaliated. Now the Dems aren’t worried about having the system turned on them because they think they’re on the verge of single party rule in perpetuity.

    1. And Ray Donovan :” Where do I go to get my reputation back?” Back the days when all that was at risk was one’s reputation , now financial ruin and incarceration are risked .

      1. John I am not Greek but I remember. I served 30 years, me and my kids served 2-1/2 years in middle east and Afghanistan only to see Biden disgracefully withdraw in August 2021. But I recall reading of General James Van Fleet who was assigned by Pres Truman to assist Greeks in 1947 in their civil war. Van Fleet succeeded there because he had motivated Greek patriots and went on to salvage things in Korea. Sadly Obama began the purge of the general officer ranks in 2010 and the batch of generals we have today are the result

      2. I remember. 3 years of German created famine and reprisals and the first thing the commie pigs did right after the Germans left was start a civil war that made the peoples’ plight even more miserable.

  4. And the Rubicon . The Rubicon is ,by American standards , a creek , a glorified ditch. But when Caesar crossed the Rubicon, it was the beginning of the end of the Republic and decades of civil war , a civil war that makes the US version seem like a schoolyard pushing match. And at the end , Imperial Rome , one man rule , without Obama’s pen and a phone

  5. Guilty on all 34 counts??? The Dems usually over-play their hand and it should be obvious to most people with common sense. Sadly as we know, common sense doesn’t sit well with the lunatics’ on the left and this will bite us all in the ass.

  6. What a great column, John. Right on the mark. When I saw that smirk last week, I was sickened, but not surprised. “Malevolent” is a great description. He’s got all his Obama communists and Obama himself behind this all the way. Obama has been enjoying his 3rd term as President and doesn’t want to lose his chance at a 4th term. Now, their last resorts are either jail or having the CIA assassinate him.

  7. Γιάννη,
    I concur – it’s too late to put that genie back in the bottle! I fear a new civil war is being forced upon us, thanks to the new dem party forever to be known as the Socialist/Marxist cabal of Amerika! Ο Θεός να βάλει το χέρι!!

  8. I was sad yet not surprised when the guilty verdict was announced.
    Many knew it would end this way and thus a win for George Soros.
    The evil smirk Joe showed is that they aren’t done yet. Stay tuned more to come.
    As I stated I was not surprised at the verdict. What broke me was the media celebrating. How did we get to a place where one can say I was so excited I leaked a little ( not sure exact quote?).
    How did people become this ugly?
    How did we get to legal system that can be bought?
    I can’t help but recall a speech by Senator Schumer telling the Supreme Court justices that they “released a whirlwind and they will pay a price.” A chill ran through me. And now I see the truth of that statement.
    I think the media was surprised and disappointed that the in their words the Trump cult did not protest ( mostly peaceful) didn’t burn down buildings, didn’t loot businesses and throw things at the police. Even though they and we know this trial wasn’t a true trial. I’m still confused at what was done that required a guilty verdict.
    Thanks for your column.


      1. Besides being a bitter, resentful person, you are quite ignorant. What are these corporate business interests you reference? George Soros? Mark Zuckerberg? Reid Hoffman? Larry Fink and most “Wall Street” investors? Furthermore, we are a constitutional republic, not a democracy. Since you clearly dislike the vast majority of John Kass’s readers, you should take your own advice and get the H..L out of this wonderful newspaper and find one better if you can.

        1. I agree. Rudd is a bloviating, gasbagging, sanctimonious, unctuous self righteous preachy, my-shit- don’t-smell, Fk/Head … an asshole of the first order. You’re right, he should take his own advice and spare the rest of us from his wind bagging screeds. What a flaming jackass.

  9. When I saw the evil smirk, I did a double take. He obeyed his handlers by not verbally answering questions, but they forgot to rehearse the exit. I think we come back if we get 2-3 terms of the right people. Trump has promised mass deportations. That’s a solid first step taking away their new army of voters.

    1. Good one! Shit eating grin. Are the Democrats able to see what they look like right now. Hollowed out humanity the Bidens. Absolutely no substance to this family.

      Thank Mr. Kass!

  10. That rubicon may already have been crossed when the GOP went after Clinton for being a sleazebag with an intern….this might be the other shoe. Either way, they all suck. It’s still so hard to believe we have these kinds of miscreants running our country – on both sides…

  11. I immediately posted this to my FB page. Everyone needs to read this! When he stood there and turned slightly to the questioner with that extremely eerie smile, he might as well have been standing there naked to the world (as if he were swimming naked in front of his female secret service detail members as he liked to do) with a sharpie message on his torso “I’m evil.” In fact, this election is a very clearly defined as an exercise in good versus evil! I pray for my granddaughters – and all of us!🙏🇺🇸

    1. “with a sharpie message” “I’m evil.” As with the many videos of his behavior with children and women. Jeff Sessions, set aside anything you know or think about him, is on tape protecting his little grand daughter from jb. look it up.

  12. Excellent column. In twelve and a half score years, the corrosive effects of treason, corruption, avarice and stupidity by the Washington permanent ruling class has been to all but destroy an unmatched government once created by America’s most beautiful minds.

  13. We have followed reports of Biden’s lies and plagiarism for years. He and his family fit the description of satanic. That smile gave me the creeps. He was said to be unfit mentally to stand trial but the Democrats picked the dumbest Senator who is demented to lead our country.

    1. Exactly right Louise! Satan is using the Left for his purposes. Things really started falling apart when the government went secular. God help us all.

  14. Excellent follow up article today from a real good podcast yesterday. I saw brief clips of the cackling hens of the view, and it made me sick and disgusted me at how giddy these women were along with their studio audience clapping and cheering in unison.
    Sadly, I feel as most that retaliation will be inevitable, and thus ruling has further split the divide on this country.
    Somehow, we need to get this train back on the rails and moving forward again. If we continue to leave it lying on its side from derailment, it will just rust, rot, become corroded, and eventually completely useless.

  15. John, I first knew about you long ago when my mother would mention to her son that she knew John Kass–with no small amount of pride. You have been a companion all these years and this column like so many other shows how good you are at seeing what is true. You captured Biden, the man in a blinding light. It is an honor to support you paying the pittance I pay to subscribe to your channel. This probably has a simple answer or maybe not, but how did we get here?

  16. Stalin, Beria, Idi Amin, Fidel Castro, Pol Pot. In the end, how did all their crimes against humanity work out for them? And now, Biden, ex rel Obama. What a legacy to leave!

    John may have had in mind this scripture when he penned today’s column:

    For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places. Ephesians 6:12 ESV

    The only solution is the one John Kass told about in his Easter column of May 5.

  17. John, I had heard this yesterday and must repeat for you ….
    Did I mention that Biden’s snarky smile was described as “a senile Chuckie doll” by one of the Fox News Great Weekend Show yesterday night? When she made that remark, I told my wife that was the absolute best description of Biden.
    Best description of not only the smile, but of Joe “liar” Biden as well. Evil permeated and flesh eating smile/smirk.
    Great column John Kass. Back in the saddle and doing your absolute finest. God bless you always and keep you safe to go fishing in that special place in a different state…all our best.

  18. Spot on John! There is (and has been) no doubt the Barry Hussein is behind all this (some direct and some via surrogates within the Biden Administration). Barry has always known of Joe Biden’s horrible character, thus making Biden easy to control. Couple that with a mainstream media who is 99% behind you, the transformation of America gains steam.

    This why the Dems are going to trot out Biden/Harris no matter what. Michelle Obama running can’t happen because Barry doesn’t have the cover (deniability he’s calling the shots). Gavin Newscum is possible, but he does not appear as easy to control as Biden/Harris.

    We need spineless Republicans to get on the offensive; no more sharply worded letters. Subpoenas to Bragg, Colangelo need to be delivered asap. Impeachment votes on Garland, Mayorkas need to happen…any Republican voting no needs to go.

  19. Thanks JK and Tom Bevan. The voices of reason, who would believe in our life time the greatest country on earth would become a Banana Republic.

  20. When are Hunter and Joe going to get what is coming to them? The Democrats are going to learn that those who play with fire get burned. Sooner or later the buzzards will come home to roost. When Hunter and Joe get theirs, can we throw Pritzker and all the Democrats in the Illinois legislature into the fire too?

  21. Yesterday I saw my White Sox go to great lengths to stretch their losing streak to ten games (in Milwaukee, so at least I wasn’t in danger of a highway shooting). Then I very belatedly learned about the broken ribs (gallstones weren’t enough?). All this against the even more painful background of The View and kindred morons cheering on their new resource of Stalinist show trials.

    Then I read this new, magnificent Kass column. Somehow it seems hope is not yet extinguished, and America — maybe rallied by subscribers here — might be brought back from “progressive” hell. If anyone wants substantiation of this hope, I will be glad to send you a photo of my grandson holding cotton candy.

  22. H.L. Mencken wrote that, ” Honor is the morality of superior men.” John, you honor the best of us with this warning about the elected and appointed monsters and pygmies in America.

    May the best of us honor this warning.

    1. They have grabbed the tomahawks leaving us with no other choice. they wanted lawfare, they will get lawfare. Thank you my friend Pat Hickey

  23. Great column today.
    I have seen that creepy Joe Biden smirk before.
    This time he intentionally flashed that evil smirk.
    I’m surprised he didn’t look at his watch, too.

    President Biden has a long list of lies.
    He lied about Afghanistan and leaving Americans behind.
    He lies about open borders, crime on the streets, inflation, etc., etc.

    President Trump faced 34 charges in New York.
    How can a Jury convict anyone on 34 charges in one day?
    Finding Trump guilty makes me feel sad and sick.

    Keep writing and going forward, John, we need your words.

  24. There is a saying down here in South Carolina that is currently quite popular- “If you aren’t outraged then you aren’t paying attention.”
    People down here are mad. A new type of mad with an energy that many haven’t seen. This is a slap across the face of every American, left, center and right.

  25. And how did we get here? Harry Reid used to run the Democrat party. He was an old school politician. Pretty much a Daley Democrat. You got oranges, I got apples, you want mine? I want yours. Let’s work out a deal. When Harry retired he turned over the party to his minority leader. Nancy Pelosi. That one name explains how we got here. Militarized the party. Militarized politics. Took that party into Marxism and militant harrassment. Turned it over to public sector unions like the teachers unions and other labor unions. Empowered them to swing elections not only on a local level but on a national level. Useful idiots indeed. “..if you see anyone from that cabinet in a restaurant…create a crowd and let them know that they’re not welcome…” says her sycophant Maxine Waters. True Marxism personified. Stasi. Pelosi embodies the worst traits of the communists John has cited on this article. The means does indeed justify the end. Strangely enough to mirror our actual reality, there is an excellent television adaptation of James Clavells novel “Shogun” that has been airing on the FX channel right now. Set in feudal Japan where women are basically geisha or wives, they are neither. SPOILER ALERT. By the end of the series it is gradually revealed that the “powerless” women are the ones creating the great battle to decide who will rule Japan. Creating wars. Biden is the worst president since Jimmy Carter. His incompetence has made a dying man happy in his last hours. For that he should be lauded. He did that one thing right. Donald Trump will win this election by a landslide. He will never be allowed to take the presidency. Biden agent Merrick Garland will have him taken into federal custody for an imagined “crime” before he is sworn in. Garland will use our military to enforce rule in the streets under the guise of protecting our “democracy” . The coup which began during Trump’s first presidency will then become complete. This is our reality. God help us all.

  26. Powerful column John!

    When I saw Biden turn back and flash that smile … one word immediately came to my mind … Diabolical.

    Very chilling.

  27. To me, both of these geriatric candidates have “crossed the rubicon”. One of these politicians will win the ’24 election and, either way, our country loses.

  28. A good article & why I subscribe! I was a little worried when this was posted later than usual, I hope all your health issues are improving.
    Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind and the whirlwind is coming. I think the Democrats just condemned a large number of their office holders to huge legal bills and legal jeopardy in retaliation; some justly, some not. It’s necessary, unavoidable, but still very sad and bad for the Republic. The insults, the compromises, the constant fund-raising, the lack of privacy already make it difficult enough to attract capable people from business and the professions into politics. Now add legal jeopardy during and after office – who will put themselves through this? Too many of the sort we don’t need. I fear we haven’t hit bottom yet.

  29. That’s the best description of Biden I’ve seen, John. The good news is he’s the perfect symbol for the Democrat Party: geriatric, sclerotic, enfeebled, corrupt, mendacious, authoritarian, and a bully-boy fascist.

    Think of all the people who worked for Trump that they went after: Attorney General Sessions, Rudy Giuliani, General Flynn, Steve Bannon, Peter Navarro (who is now in jail), Allen Weisselberg (who went to jail), Paul Manafort (who went to jail), Sidney Powell (also convicted) and now Trump himself. They’ve been trying to lynch him since before he was even elected.

    The depravity of these fascists cannot be exaggerated. They are loathsome.

  30. Thanks for another terrific column and the thoughtful, reasoned responses (for the most part)… our fellow subscribers buoy me with their sharings… surely we can/will fix this

  31. “I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that His justice cannot sleep forever.”
    -Thomas Jefferson

    Thank you, Kasso. Let us pray for We the People and keep our powder dry.

  32. Agree. There will be payback. And until the avalanche reaches its limit we’re in for an ugly ride.
    Neither Trump, who treats America as his own reality TV show, nor Biden, who trashes the rule of law is worthy of being an American president.
    Unless or until Americans sink to their level.

  33. John- I agree that Biden’s smile that day was disgusting and (deservedly) will be used against him throughout the campaign. I do not necessarily agree with your characterization of Biden as an inherently malevolent creature (I think only God knows what truly lies within). And while I think it’s fair that you highlight many alleged lies in Biden’s past I find it beyond ironic that the tsunami of lies propagated by his opponent doesn’t seem to concern you so much. I think we all should be ashamed that the greatest country in the history of civilization has promoted no better than Trump vs. Biden for the most important and powerful position on earth.

  34. Wasn’t it Obama who said that he wanted to “fundamentally transform this country?” I think we’re seeing that now with Biden’s term in office.

  35. I don’t believe in tit for tat, but now the Republicans must engage in a vigorous and spirited tit for tat. Make them hurt. Indict everyone. At the same time, if you are a contractor and show up to a clients home and they have a “Hate Has No Home Here” or a Gay Pride or a Hamas flag or some other obvious indication that they support the fascist Democratic Party, let them know you were called away to another emergency job and you will be back later in the day. Service them last. Make them wait. Make them live by their creeds-and since we know that in countries where things are rationed you wait in line, put them at the end of it—->or conversely if they need you right now charge them more. Make them pay.

  36. Thoughtful article Mr. Kass. I recently finished a book on Joseph Stalin and there are so many signs in our country that we are drifting toward a regime that has no respect for the Constitution or rule of law, that its a bit unnerving. When I say “drifting”, I mean the current Biden administration’s disconcerting and dangerous conduct.


  37. I would agree with Mr. Kunz & Mr. Kleinman on their comments about Mr. Rudd. How do you know if people here are not involved in trying to right this country’s course. What are you doing sir? Typing in all caps to show how angry & wise you are? There are some very sharp people who post on John Kass News. Far more intelligent than I can ever put into words but I can comprehend every word these folks write.

    1. Robert- I don’t like it when people type in all caps either. Unfortunately there is another very famous person that does that ALL THE TIME.

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