Biden’s Dangerous Mideast Fantasy

By Steve Huntley

March 13, 2024

Hamas invaded southern Israel Oct. 7, massacred Israeli civilians from babies to bubbes, raped women and girls, burned bodies of the murdered and took hostages of all ages. The photograph above shows Hamas terrorists taking innocent Israeli hostages on that terrible day.

President Biden looked at this and concludes — the Palestinians deserve a state of their own so they can live in peace with Israel.

Deluded, foolish, dangerous fantasy! How else can you characterize his out-of- touch, clueless declarations about the Israel-Hamas war in the State of the Union address last week?

His statements about the Israel-Hamas war were remarkably unfriendly to Israel, descending into condensation, conceit and braggadocio in remarks captured in an open-mike moment.

Biden did manage to concede that Israel has a right to self defense and said Hamas “could end this conflict by releasing the hostages, laying down arms and surrendering those responsible Oct. 7.”

Could, he said.

Not should.

There was no demand for the savages responsible for this tragic war to surrender. No use of the word “must” to insist Hamas end the suffering in Gaza.

No, Biden reserved his tough language, his demands, his diktats for the Israelis:—Israel has a “fundamental responsibility … to protect innocent civilians.”

—“Israel must do its part” to help provide humanitarian aid to Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.—“To the leadership of Israel, I say” that the “only real solution is a two-state solution.”

After the speech, Biden chatted with senators and was caught on an open-mike insulting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, saying Biden was “going to have a come to Jesus meeting” with the Israeli leader.

What conclusion can you draw but that Biden sees Israel as the obstacle to a two-state solution? That it’s something the Palestinians desire if only Israel would get out of the way?

It’s complete and utter nonsense. Biden might say that’s not what he meant. If true, why didn’t he engage in a little straight talk for the Palestinians?

He could have told them that their only hope for the future, the only real solution to bettering their lives, is accepting the existence of Israel and living side by side in peace with the Israelis. But he didn’t do that.

No, his demands were directed at “the leadership of Israel.”

There is a long history of Israeli leaders offering up peace plans to the Palestinians.

There is no history of Palestinian leaders proposing peace plans. Who in the Palestinian Authority, the governing body for the West Bank and, until Hamas kicked it out, for Gaza, expresses a desire to discuss peace?

What prominent individual in Ramallah or Gaza is the outspoken advocate for peace?

What political party or prominent organization among the Palestinians pushes them toward a future of harmony with Israel?

No such individual or political organization exists.

The Economist magazine recently published an article on efforts to make over the Palestinian Authority, whose president is now in the 19th year of his four-year term.

The article dished out a lot of words about reform and weeding out the pervasive graft in the Palestinian Authority. It mentioned names for potential leadership changes.

It didn’t say a word about any peace initiatives from Palestinians, or who among the people it listed would work for peace.

This is the reality the Israelis face. No peace partner.

This is the reality the Israelis face. No peace partner Palestinians voted Hamas into power in Gaza. Polling by the Arab World for Research and Development showed that majorities of Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank support the Oct. 7 atrocities (75 percent) and oppose any two-state peace with Israel (80 percent). And let’s not forget the Palestinians civilians who followed the Hamas terrorists into southern Israel to add their own crimes to the Hamas massacre Oct. 7.

Another reality: Despite the progress toward easing tensions in the Middle East exemplified by the Abraham Accords, no leaders in the Arab world are telling the Palestinians that they have to live in peace with Israel.

Arab nations have made clear they do not want any Palestinians emigrating to their countries. Palestinians are nothing but trouble, they understandably believe, and should stay where they are.

But the Arab monarchs and autocrats won’t take the next step and tell Palestinians to cleanse the hate and terrorism from their society in order to demonstrate they want to live in peace with Israel.

That is the only road to a Palestinian state at some point in the future, and given Oct. 7, a distant future. But no one speaks that simple truth to the Palestinians.

Not Biden. Not Arab leaders. Not the elites in Europe who are always hectoring Israel about this and that. Not the worthless United Nations (whose Palestinian agency in Gaza was found to be infiltrated by Hamas).

Of course there’s another player in all this, a particularly malign influence — Iran.

Biden devoted just three paragraphs of his more-than-an-hour-long speech to what he described as “containing the threat posed by Iran.” And he talked only about the hazard to international shipping in the Red Sea posed by Iranian-back Houthis firing rockets from Yemen.

Besides the Houthis, Iran is a major backer of terrorists like Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad and others.

No one knows what specific role Iran played in the Oct. 7 attack but no one doubts Iran provided support, funding and perhaps even planning for the atrocities.

Killed were 1,200 Israelis, overwhelmingly civilians, and 250 more were taken hostage. A swap of Palestinian terrorists for innocent hostages a couple of months ago freed some 100 hostages but 130 are still held by the terrorists (though 30 or more are feared dead). At least 32 Americans were killed in the attack, and six are still held hostage by Hamas.

Oct. 7 was a day of terrorists perpetrating one atrocity after another, of savages committing one war crime after another, of barbarians violating one human right after another in a genocidal jihad.

After the Hamas jihadists massacred Israelis, they retreated to the Gaza Strip to hide among the civilian population, ensuring that many Palestinians would be harmed as the Israel Defense Force conducted a righteous war against the terrorists. Hamas used their own people as cannon fodder.

At first Biden, channeling his history of supporting Israel, had embraced the Jewish state and expressed uncompromising backing for Israel’s war to defeat Hamas.

But as the days turned into weeks into months of hard fighting in the Gaza Strip with the toll of Hamas-caused civilian casualties mounting, Biden’s support weakened. He reacted to pressure from Arab-American and Muslim voters in  Michigan and elsewhere and young voters brainwashed by antisemitic professors at Harvard and other so-called elite universities.

He went from support for winning the war to wanting a “pause” for an hostage- terrorist exchange to favoring an extended cease-fire and eventually blurting out that Israel’s response to the horrific pogrom was “over the top” and insisting on a “two-state solution.”

Biden accepted without qualification the Hamas tally of Palestinian casualties in this war — despite its record of lying about casualties and the obvious unreliability of the numbers.

It’s no wonder that Hamas is upping its demands in latest negotiations for a hostage-for-terrorist exchange to include an ultimatum for Israel to end the war and pull its troops out of the Gaza Strip. That would mean victory for Hamas, setting the stage eventually for another Oct. 7.

Now Biden proposes building a pier at Gaza to bring in humanitarian aid by sea. Never mind that Hamas thugs steal all humanitarian aid they can get their hands on.

Here’s another idea: Bring a fleet of transport ships to the waters off Gaza and evacuate women and children from Rafah, the next battleground, and hold them on the ships for the duration of the fight there.

No women and children to be casualties. I’d bet the Israelis would agree to a cease-fire to accomplish that evacuation. It might clear the way for a final confrontation with Hamas.

But don’t expect Biden to do something like that. It’s not in him to see that stakes that clearly. Anyone perplexed or alarmed by U.S. policy in the Mideast might conclude that Biden has forgotten Osama bin Laden.

The Al Qaeda chieftain responsible for the 9/11 attack on America described the brutal realpolitik of the Middle East — and indeed other parts of the world — in vivid, unmistakable and, one would have thought, unforgettable language:

“When people to see a strong horse and a weak horse, by nature they will like the strong horse.”

Too often Biden and his national security apparatchiks project the United States  as the weak, uncertain, indecisive and wavering horse in international affairs.

No one will soon forget the disgraceful U.S. retreat from Afghanistan. It was such a display of weakness that it set the stage for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the Hamas massacre.

His weak horse is evident in Biden’s appeasement of Iran.

President Trump had imposed harsh sanctions on Tehran after rejecting the incredibly weak deal the Obama administration had negotiated with Iran’s fanatical ayatollahs aimed at preventing the Islamist nation from gaining nuclear weapons.

In actuality, the agreement only put off the date that Tehran could develop atom bombs in exchange for a lot of cash and Washington turning its eyes away from Tehran’s sponsorship of terrorism.

After defeating Trump, Biden dispatched his foreign policy team to revive Obama’s bad deal. It’s been a humiliating spectacle of them chasing and all but begging Tehran’s tyrants and throwing money at them to reinstate the deal.

Biden’s cooing and making nice over an Iranian deal, an Israeli-Hamas cease- fire and humanitarian aid to Gaza might play well in the ranks of the far left Democrats, the liberal media and the oh-so-sophisticated salons of Europe.

But it comes across as weak and as appeasement in the Hamas tunnels under Gaza, in Tehran to the ayatollahs promoting ever-more terrorism, among our Arab allies who understand Bin Laden’s weak horse/strong horse philosophy, and in the Kremlin, Beijing and North Korea where our adversaries constantly search for signs of American retreat.

The Israel-Hamas war. The Red Sea threat to international commerce. Iran’s designs to replace Saudi Arabia and other Arab nations as the dominate force in the Middle East and Muslim world. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

China’s designs to capture Taiwan. The post-Cold War international order under threat. These are the rotten fruits of Biden’s weak horse.

What would four more years of a Biden presidency bring?


Steve Huntley, a retired Chicago journalist now living in Austin, Texas, has contributed other pieces to johnkassnews, from an examination of the secret jail for Christopher Columnbus and other politically problematic public art to an essay on Americans suffering from Joe Biden gas pain.

For almost three decades Huntley spent most of his career in Chicago journalism at the Chicago Sun-Times, where he was a feature writer, metro reporter, night city editor, metropolitan editor, editorial page editor and a columnist for the opinion pages.

Before that he was a reporter and editor with United Press International (UPI) in the South and Chicago, and Chicago bureau chief and a senior editor in Washington with U.S. News & World Report. Northwestern University Press has issued soft cover and eBook editions of Knocking Down Barriers: My Fight for Black America by Truman K. Gibson Jr. with Steve Huntley, a memoir of a Chicagoan who was a member of President Roosevelt’s World War II Black Cabinet working to desegregate the military.

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  1. As I have written elsewhere, no one really delves into what a two-state solution actually means. With complete sovereignty a Palestinian state charts its own domestic and foreign policy, to say nothing about the difficulty of integrating Gaza with landlocked West Bank.

  2. Great work, Mr. Huntley!

    Biden’s lickspittle foreign policies will get more Americans killed and his shameful betrayal of Israel willbe the cornerstone of his Presidency. God help us.

  3. The PA and Hamas are trying to form a “technocratic government”. It will be a front for the terrorists composed of nonprofit executives, academics, economists and others who have experience on getting foreign aid. Western diplomats are being told that the PA can unify the Palestinian people around state and an end to the conflict. Hamas, Islamic Jihad and other terror groups are being assured that the PA is committed to waging a war to destroy Israel. This government will get funds from Biden. This will not end terrorism, just disguise and escalate it. Hamas will not be part of this regime, but will control it. It will be a terror state.

  4. So, what is really going on? The Biden/Obama administration has consistently rewarded our enemies when they attack us (Iran, Yemen, Afghanistan, Palestinians) and punished our allies when they defend themselves against our enemies. See a pattern there?

  5. It must be apparent to anyone who pays attention that the Muslim voters outnumber the Jewish voters in the United States. It follows that Biden, and the Democrats will pander to the Muslim vote. The Democrats take the Jewish voters for granted just like they take the Black voters for granted. It is just a cold calculation for the Democrats and Biden – who cares if innocents on both sides are killed as long as the Democrats get the votes? The sad part of all this is that they probably will actually get the votes. The voters do not have the sense to vote for candidates that support their best interests. Like that will ever happen.

    1. I agree. Biden’s shaky knees with regard to Israel is easily explained by the political reality on the ground. Michigan is a vital swing state. While it is unlikely that those “uncommitted” Arab Americans in Dearborn would vote for Trump it is plausible that many would stay home and not vote, thereby putting Michigan in the Trump victory column and perhaps into the WH as well. Now look at the Jewish vote. First, based upon at least 85 years of voting history is the reality that Jews in general will vote for the Democratic nominee no matter what. Second, the major concentration of Jewish voters – NYC, LA, Chicago, Boston and San Francisco – are all within deep blue states; such that even if there is a significant defection of Jewish voters to the Republicans (again unlikely) it does not matter in the least. So Biden’s mathematical calculations confirm one and only one political conclusion: dump Israel.

  6. This Huntley column is characteristically sensible and powerful, not easy qualities when dealing with a subject who is senseless and weak.

    Biden is a punchline with hair transplants. “Fantasy”? Biden’s fantasies have fantasies. He often re-edits them, making them more absurd, beating up the bully even more severely, making Nelson Mandela even more proud of Joe’s arrest.

    Among the Joe fantasies noted by Steve here, my favorite is that overheard comment bragging that he was “going to have a come to Jesus meeting” with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Any chance that Israel’s leader is Jewish and might not be moved by a doddering old fool introducing him to his savior?

    Fantastic, Joe. Keep paying respects to “President Harris.”

    1. Just the thought of Americans pandering to moslems – a subculture demographic as far as I’m concerned – in order to gain favorable votes makes me sick.

  7. Excellent column Mr. Huntley!
    It is well to note that even when Israel embarked on a military action, they gave the civilian Palestinian population time to evacuate; yet HAMAS would not allow their civilians to evacuate.
    The one thing that still and will always stick in my mind is the video of the HAMAS “freedom fighters” driving around Gaza City with a dead, raped girl in the back of their pickup truck praising Allah. That imagery should be used a against the Democrats by asking them if they support the raping and killing of young Israeli women. Start shaming them. They are a weak horse.

  8. Middle East fantasies and execution have generations of history and show no end in sight. They range from political & military interventionism to isolationism policies, and seem to be a US bipartisan political class pursuit in which only they (politicians) succeed. Time for the two current geriatric candidate embarrassments to step aside and let the next generation of politicians propose their fantasies.

  9. The only “two state” solution Biden and the Obamacrats care about are Michigan and Minnesota. Power and accession to a violent Jihad ideology. I can only hope our Jewish brethren and the black voters will see this come November. Yes Trump is unlikable but he loves this country and all it stands for. Obama bowing to Arab leaders was not a gesture of politeness to a culture but a sign of fealty. Who is pulling the strings in DC? What ex president has ever lived in DC? Why? The common thought was a man had served his term of office and now it was time to be part of history. We are on Obama 3.0 now. The 68 convention in Chicago will be a cake walk compared to this coming summer. A fool for a mayor and a Soros set them all free prosecutor. What COULD go wrong???.
    China is drooling over Taiwan and control of the South China Sea waiting on the election to make their move. All the wheeling and dealing by Biden &Co during Trump’s term will give way to China having us as the entree for both lunch and dinner. A strong USA stopped under Obama and those policies reinforced under Biden. Dems have gaslighted us over and over. Rules for thee and not for me are rampant or the race card gets played. Cf the GA Attorney General and her boy toy. Yeah paid back in cash? I have another fairy tsle to tell you. All the timing of prosecution of Trump is pure politics and election interference. The pantry is filled when Kroger or Jewel has a sale. Regular price and go without.
    Thanks to John and Steve and others here who give a beacon of hope and sanity.

  10. Steve,
    I trust your last line is a rhetorical question. We know what another four years of China Joe will bring – more indicision and pain for us and the world. He’s too senile to grasp the severity his lack of nerve and spine our allies witness daily, permitting terrorists to do as they please – to whomever they wish – whenever they wish. The two state solution is over and done with. It hasn’t worked, and won’t work evermore. If Palestinians are the anathema of the Arab world, then where are they to “settle?” Or are they doomed to roam the desert for centuries until all the offspring of Hamas has died off? Sound familiar doesn’t it? Israel is in this for their survival, but mumbles Joe is oblivious to their struggle. The war will go on, until Hamas is obliterated, unless some genius can foresee a better ending to this.

  11. An excellent article. Biden’s administration is in really Obama 3.0. His entire staff is a holdover from Obama’s presidency hence his political views and policies.

    1. The reason Biden’s foreign policy looks as inept and incompetent as Obama’s foreign policy is because the same idiots contolled both of them.

  12. Hamas is not the problem . The PA is not the problem . Hezbollah is not the problem . Islam IS the problem . There is no accommodation , no peace, to be made with Islam. In whatever cover or guise that it takes , Islam is an enemy , an existential threat , to Western Civilization . Islam is the problem.

  13. So here we have it and its real clear. We have a liberal, woke, useless “president” and an incompetent “administration” that somehow thinks its a good idea to provide food and aid to a militant, murdering band of savages that have taken the lives of thirty-two Americans. Someone has got to help me out with this.

  14. Pure Zionist propaganda. The original stories of rape band beheading babies have been debunked. First of all, I think everyone needs to really reflect and ask themselves is they and their families were treated like the Palestinians have been the last few decades, what would they do to respond? There is a great documentary “Gaza Fights For Freedom” by Abbey Martin that will give the viewer an on the ground account of what it was like to live in what could best be described as a concentration camp. Secondly, while the October 7 attack was inhumane as civilians were killed, the response has, and continues to be, an extreme form of genocide. I think people also need to look at how the Zionist movement started in the mid 1800’s, who was involved and how the settler colonization of Palestine happened. Most only look at post WWII. And it idea re is some religious claim on the land spits in the face of people of the Jewish faith.

  15. Great writing about the truth, Mr Huntley. The leadership (?) we have in this country now is no leadership at all! The nation (sadly) is becoming more and more a pasture full of sheep – Mao indoctrinated College professors “educating” young people to complete the changeover of our country from free thinking patriots to Tick Tock entranced idiots. All led by people like Biden, Durbin, “the Squad” and a compliant so called media. Thank you for speaking so well about the thing so many of us are talking about in our daily lives!

  16. The reason Biden’s foreign policy looks as inept and incompetent as Obama’s foreign policy is because the same idiots contolled both of them.

  17. Your use of the word invasion is precise. For we have multiple tales of invasions playing out before us.

    It was an invasion by Hamas to kill as many Israelis as possible. Without Israel’s pushback, it would have invited more Hamas murder and torture. Hamas has made its intention clear to commit a genocide. Yet, Western political leaders and the media have sympathy for Hamas who has repeatedly starve its own. What is overlooked is that these same suffering Gazan Palestinians voted for the terrorist organization to be their leader. Don’t you find it interesting that surrounding countries don’t want to take in Gaza refugees? They secure their borders from terrorists.

    Meanwhile, Biden created our open border invasion in order to secure another political term; but, God knows how many terrorists are in their midst. Clearly, we are not concerned with our own representative democracy and how Biden/Obama is gaming the system. But this is who we voted for in an open and fair election process in 2020, right?

    Then there’s the problem of whose democracy matters more. We send money to Israel but also verbally slam Netanyahu and gripe at how much damage the retaliation has caused Gaza. Last I checked, Israel is a parliamentary democracy. But all sympathies and a lot more Benjamins are being sent to Ukraine because of Russia’s illegitimate invasion.

    Biden refuses to deal with our border invasion because it works to his advantage. The U.S. position on our ally Israel is filled with animosity. And of all the democracies worth saving, the U.S. is most interested in Ukraine’s. Something is fishy.

    But never fear. Our educated electorate will surely make sense of what’s really going on and not fall for those politicians espousing on-demand abortions, trans rights, and everything from health care to college being free.

  18. When it comes to various areas of expertise, it seems that ol’ Sleepy Joe is the most clueless at foreign relations. Just look at what happened in Afghanistan. He could have told the Taliban: “We’re not leaving until every American, every interpreter who has helped us (and their families and children as well), every foreigner who is with our allies, and all our equipment has been safely evacuated from the country. If you attempt to stop us, WE WILL TAKE YOU OUT.” Instead, the Biden administration simply gave the Taliban our self-imposed withdrawal date, and the Taliban just sat back and waited.

  19. Thanks for the film recommendation Mr Adler. I’ll never forget in the immediate aftermath of 10/7 I saw a piece on twitter posted by an Israeli lady showing how much affection and respect Iranian people have for the Jewish people. It seems like “the State” is the problem here, not people. If only our State could function as it was designed so that we could set the best example possible for the rest of the world. Nothing more influential, or effective in my mind than setting the best possible example and this is something we control – but not within this Democrat regime, no, no way.

  20. Well reasoned. I do think we make an error for posterity when referring to “the Biden presidency”. We certainly have long recognized Obama 3.0 is pulling the strings, and sock pupet Joe tries to follow the script when he can. Let history not be deceived. We sure as hell aren’t. “Dr.” Jill is not his Edith Wilson- Obama is.

  21. When will America wake up to realize that the crises our country faces are by design? Biden and his administration know exactly what they are doing and their grand scheme is to take down America. The open border, the dismantling of the oil industry, the out of control economy, releasing criminals from jail, not prosecuting criminals, defunding police departments…all of this is no accident. Biden is a weak, vacillating man who sold his soul to the devil and takes orders from his hard left paymasters who hate the Lord God Almighty and hate America. What is the solution? It’s not Donald Trump nor any other charismatic leader or any political party. The solution is to bring the presence of God back into our society, into our schools where our children read the Bible and learn to pray, and to acknowledge to our Creator that he reigns sovereign and then he perhaps will heal our land. That’s the solution, people, but no one will talk about that…not Fox News, not CNN, and certainly not our so-called leaders in Congress.

  22. Very insightful column Steve. We appreciate it. Hoping Jewish Americans finally see the light and start voting in their people’s best interest won’t happen. Steven Spielberg and Rob Reiner threw a very exclusive fund raiser for Biden a couple of weeks ago. Plenty of wealthy self loathing Jews here in this country. Maybe if they lived in Israel they would feel different. It’s better to fight the revolution from a safe vantage point….

  23. Powerful perspectives, Steve Huntley.
    Palestinians were given the opportunity to self-govern and they ended up with Hamas to lead them.
    Palestinian Authority? That’s basically just a clean shaven PLO. Yassar Arafat was worth $3 billion! Terrorism was his only product. This “man of the people” was playing both ends against the middle and it was money that moved him. He held power until his death in 2004. Hamas and Arafat’s Fatah party was fighting it out and created a “coalition” that would break up, with Hamas seizing power.
    A quick history lesson can be found at
    There is no quick solution to ending the violence in the Gaza Strip. But, any pull back by Israel at this crucial moment would hand Hamas a victory. And in order for Israel to complete their mission, they must completely and unequivocally destroy Hamas.
    Palestinians and Israelis aren’t going to live side by side in peace. That doesn’t mean that there can’t be a two-state solution. It’s just that the two states CANNOT be side by side.
    The other problem with all of this is Iran. As long as Iran is in the picture, no one is safe. They will continue to stir the pot, because they hate the United States and Israel. Leaders will broker deals that will last for about 15 minutes and then it’s back to bombing.
    The public outcry of the civilians dying and no where to go to get an honest assessment. But, I think it’s a little bit hypocritical of the US to be critical of Israel’s tactics.
    During the Vietnam War, it is estimated that TWO MILLION civilians died during that war. That’s just Vietnamese civilians. What about Cambodia, Thailand and Laos? You know; the countries we weren’t supposed to be bombing? Wink-wink.
    I don’t dismiss civilian casualties as “collateral” damage, but when you have an enemy willing to use them as human shields, who is responsible for those deaths? Is is shared?
    There are those who don’t wish to debate/discuss the history of the Middle East.
    It’s just too complicated…

  24. There will NEVER be peace in the Middle East until Iran is neutralized. They don’t possess nuclear weapons — YET. We know this because if they had nuclear weapons, they would use them faster than you can say jihad. I’m not looking to start a war, but it seems we’ve been at war with Iran since 1979. Make no mistake, they mean it when they shout “Death to America!” Now Brandon wants to build a port in Gaza to provide “humanitarian aid.” The Iranians, or rather, their proxies will kill as many Americans as they can while the port is being assembled. Then they’ll steal any aid that’s disembarked. (Who does Brandon think is going to unload these ships, the Hamas “government” or the tooth fairy?) When we finally realize the mistake Brandon made and abandon the port, Iran will use it to supply more weapons to Hamas. Brandon is playing checkers; Iran is playing chess. This will end badly.

  25. Steve and John…..
    The Biden/Blinken/Sullivan machine is grotesque and totally out of order….
    The soon arrival of our Naval ships to build a pier to Gaza for distribution of “aid” to the Palestinians is totally out of Alice in Wonderland.
    If the pier is built, does our military supply defensive support around the area? Who provides the trucks to haul the “aid” away from the pier? Are you kidding me? Hamas controls the trucks and controls the distribution to themselves for profit in the Black Market…NOT to the citizens of Gaza, who they represent as elected officials and government.
    Is there any light on in the WH or in the brains(?) of Biden/Blinken/Sullivan? Yes, I guess you could presume that is a rhetorical question……but, what in the Hell is going on here?
    The only effort I see coming from the Biden/Blinken/Sullivan administration is the destruction of Israel and all the citizens of Israel. With Biden and cohorts surreptitiously seeking the tossing off of Netanyahu and asking the Senate to cancel ALL military aid to Israel, WHO IN THE HELL ARE THEY KIDDING….Come to Jesus moment….
    This leftist/socialist/communist administration is destroying our USA and attempting to put Iran in control of all the middle east….am I too paranoid yet?
    God bless you guys and thank you for letting me vent a tad.

    This is what I put on X….
    So, Biden has sent our naval ships to build a PIER into Gaza for distribution of “aid” to the Palestinians NOT being taken care of by their Hamas Government! Hmm.
    Seems it should have been done with Israel in the mix. It comes to light, which obviously has NOT been turned on by Biden, that even building a pier, you still need trucks to transport the “aid”….Now, if the trucks are driven by Hamas, where do you think the “aid” is going to end up? Yes, if you mentioned the black market and NOT to feed the citizens of Gaza, you would be correct. Hamas will not allow for aid to any one in Gaza unless they get the major portion if not ALL of it.
    Biden and Blinken are way out on a branch to defeat Israel and Netanyahu with killing all the Jews they can. What a disaster is going to happen and Biden is at the beginning of it.
    Right NOW, the Senate is exploring denying any and ALL military help to Israel…WHAT IN HADES IS GOING ON IN THIS LEFTIST SOCIALIST/COMMUNIST BIDEN ADMINISTRATION?
    Any answers Biden?

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