Biden Democrat Dumpster Fire Out of Control

By John Kass

September 27, 2023

The Biden/Democrat policies are a dumpster fire. Not some cheap smoldering dumpster fire giving off mere smoke and stink, but a real full-blown raging blazing dumpster fire inspiring panic among his faithful.

And now, with the Biden White House trying to keep a frail, shaken old Biden on his feet, there is a new report that the mission of the White House is “don’t let him trip.”

All Democrat plans are blowing back on them, from the open border, to sanctuary cities and soft-on-crime local prosecutors, to inflation. It leads to Biden dropping in national polls and threatening to take other Democrats down with him.

Democrat/left wing media panic is so deep, that some are yearning to be saved by Michelle Obama. They’re dreaming that she’ll swoop in during the Democrat National Convention like some sort of caped super hero and solve their problems.

That ABC Washington Post shows Donald Trump leading Biden by 10 points has shaken the Biden White House, and compelled The Post to say it didn’t believe in its own poll.

That’s a do-it-yourself Moutza.

I don’t put too much stock in polls or Michelle Obama fairy tales. I remember the Obamas as silky phonies who rode corruption (and Tony Rezko) and Oprah up the ladder and ignored the city that needed them. And I remember last November in the mid-term elections, and that promise of a big red Republican wave that didn’t happen. The big red wave broke on abortion and disappeared.

But that’s politics.

So I don’t get too excited about the polls except to note that the policies of Biden and his Democrats are burning brightly. Policies on immigration, lowering inflation, crafty partisan strategies involving using the Department of Justice to indict Biden’s opponents and get rid of former President Donald Trump aren’t working. They’re all in flames and blowing back, even with the media protecting Biden Inc. for years.

Trump is stronger than he was months ago, thanks to the harassment of the Biden DOJ. Now they’ve been exposed.

Consider the Biden Democrat policy allowing for a wide-open Southern border with Mexico is also burning. The Mexican drug cartels that control our border keep bringing in China-made fentanyl, the deadly poison that slaughters more than 100,000 young Americans a year.

It was Biden who destroyed Trump’s stay-in-Mexico policy. Joe told the world to surge to the American border. And it was the Democrats, eager for new votes, holding out the promise of endless federal candy, and welcomed them with “sanctuary city” laws. Now most Americans–at least Republicans and Independents and many Democrats–see the Biden policy as a disaster.

Black Democrats in particular feel betrayed and are on the verge of bolting from the Democrat Party as a result, which will only get worse once cities like Chicago build tent cities to house the illegals and cut deeply into social service budgets to appease them.

Millions of illegal immigrants have flooded across Biden’s non-existent border—10,000 a day—overwhelming the cities with demands for housing and services and bringing a torrent of narcotics.

Biden does little if anything to hold Mexico to account. And people are dying. Only 23 percent of Americans think Biden is doing a decent job on border policy—which is an indictment itself. Who are these morons who kow-tow to the Mexican drug cartels? Are they brain dead Democrat Party functionaries?

Don’t answer that. We already know.

Nicholas Feliz Dominici died after a fentanyl exposure at a Bronx day care.

One of the recent fentanyl dead was one-year old Nicholas Feliz Dominici, of the Bronx, at a day care center described by authorities as a drug front.

Many in the neighborhood—noticing they didn’t see children coming and going—were suspicious of the day care center. But that child, like so many thousands and thousands of others, is dead.

But the flames of the Biden Dumpster Fire aren’t confined to Biden’s border fiasco. What of his signature economic political triumph that he and his handlers call Bidenomics?

He spent trillions and trillions of dollars that increased inflation. And now? Don’t get sidetracked by economic double speak. Think of the price of a gallon of gas or groceries.

Think of the cost of potato chips. Yes, potato chips can cost about $7 for a bag.

Seven bucks for a bag of chips? That’s Bidenomics for you, as wages stagnate but costs of food, gas and housing increase to the breaking point. Enjoy.

Elections have consequences Obama once said, which might help some of us remember that America wasn’t always energy dependent. Once we found energy and pumped it out of the ground, we were energy independent. That is, until Biden was elected on the promise of killing off fossil fuel, and the socialists forced the Democrats to their knees and they all bowed to China.

One other subject should worry Biden and the Democrats: Urban crime.

Crime has exploded in the large Democrat run cities, especially those like Chicago that elected George Soros backed prosecutors like Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx, who campaigned on not putting violent criminals in jail.

On Tuesday the House Judiciary Committee held a public hearing on crime in Chicago, The Democrats didn’t even bother to show up, brushing it all off as mere politics and beneath them.

But on Tuesday on the respected and important crime website CWB Chicago, there was a story of a man savagely beaten and robbed while walking in the Bucktown neighborhood.

They ran up behind him. You could hear him scream.

Biden and the Democrats have ignored the wide-open border. They ignore urban crime like that of Chicago and New York, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Oakland and so on, wherever Soros has influence to elect one of his rogue prosecutors. They’ll ignore inflation (or tell us that it’s under control) and avoid talking about the price of gas and our thin paychecks and that $7 bag of potato chips.

They ignore the fact that Democrats increasingly keep telling pollsters that Joe Biden is too old, too frail, too calcified to run for re-election.

But Team Biden also ignores the perception that they’re slapping Vice President Kamala Harris in the mouth while they’re sucking up to their new surrogate, California Gov. Gavin Newsom

You take all of that—the failed border policy, crime, failed Bidenomics, inflation and Kamala’s weepy feelings–and toss in some oily Hunter and more of his greasy friends from Ukraine and business interests from Chinese Communist Party. Someone might ask why the sainted Obama or his boys from the “Intelligence Community” said nothing for so long. They still say nothing.

So, you take that oil and grease and dirty rags and all those bundles of paper, mixed with ambition and more than 50 years of grift, put them in a dumpster and what do you get?

You get the fixings for a fire, the mother of all dumpster fires. Even that tenderfoot fool in the Jack London story could light this one and scare the wolves away.

Biden and the Democrats might still put this one out.

They’ll have to rely on abortion and race to whip voters up, just like the last time. It has worked before for Democrats. There’s nothing like race hoaxes and abortion drama to excite the core Democrat constituencies of blacks and women.

It’s always worked for the Democrats—especially with corrupt legacy media serving as the Biden Democrat bullhorn to drown out the sound of that stubborn boy who persists on asking why the emperor isn’t wearing any clothes.

But I have my doubts. If Democrats don’t push him down the stairs, if he he sticks around, he’ll sound less like a president and more like the old geezer down at the end of the bar, telling wet-eyed stories of his triumphs to people who don’t want to hear.

And besides, this dumpster isn’t on wheels like other dumpsters you may have seen in an alley. There are no wheels.

Joe can barely stand up straight.

He’s too weak, too old to push this burning dumpster away.  There’s no pushing it away now. It’s all coming at him, and he knows it.



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    1. John Kass, you are ALWAYS worth waiting to read words like you have. God bless you John and, yes, you are still in my prayers every night.
      Thank you ever so much for being there and your words truly inspire a lot of people. Keep on keeping on.

    2. Hi John,
      I hope you are feeling better. You must be one tough hombre to get past all that you have been dealing with.
      As far as this column goes I’m with you except for Trump. At best he is incompetent, at worst he is an actual danger but Dems seem unable to be what they once were. I am at a loss as to who to vote for.
      Once was I could vote for a John McCain or Bob Dole type of Republican or be happy with an LBJ or Truman type of Democrat. I don’t see anyone in politics from either party like those people anymore.

    3. Always glad to see a column from you. Crime scares me, and I dot even live in a big city. The border scares me and when possible I avoid going there. The biggest influence on my life right now is Bidenflation (a much more accurate term than Bidenomics). I don’t understand why Joe’s numbers are as high as they are. Of course I’m also afraid of Newsom (talk about oily) and Michelle (talk about unqualified–she didn’t even raise her own children).

    4. Great column! But you forgot to mention the card the Democraps have up their sleeve…..ELECTOVID , the new COVID strain that will rear its ugly head to skew voting processes.

    5. Take care of yourself. I hope writing is helping with your recovery. You haven’t missed a beat in your outlook on issues. God bless you – you have alot of fans out here who care and pray for you.

    6. John, the powers that be deleted a Sept 27th article of yours that I shared. Claiming that I have violated your privacy. If this is true I apologize. I am a long time follower of your columns and canceled my trib. subscription when they canceled your column. Always looking forward to your next column, Scott

  1. Sorry to say … but today’s Democratic Party no longer represents the interests of America’s working class. D. C. Demwits are warmongers and corrupt to their core.

  2. John,
    Not to change the subject but I’m a faithful subscriber and I haven’t received your columns via email for about a week now. I reported this yesterday and hopefully this can be fixed.
    I always look forward to your columns and miss it when you’re not there.

    1. Same is happening to me … the support people checked into it for me and said all is ok … but, this morning no e-mail column. I now just check into the site, or find the link on Twitter. Hope things work out for you.

      1. Just now (0605 Eastern Time on 29 September) got my first notification since 01 September.
        Requests for assistance go unanswered.
        Suggest the old Size 12 – sideways – cure might be in order.

        It is always worth the effort to manually check – on those occasions that I can remember to do so.


  3. Do not do the Democrats dirty work for them. Conservatives (Republicans in Illinois are not conservative) need to back off impeachment and force the Dems to drag that empty shell into the 2024 elections. If they do replace him with Newsome, then DeSantis has to run instead of Trump. If a Republican defeats the dem, the MSM, the RNC , DOJ, FBI,. CIA and the truck drivers at 0400 , the intelligence and justice depts are getting a serious purge of leadership. They can’t let that happen. God save us…and stay safe…everyone.

  4. This description of the current dumpster fire reflects Kass today, as fearless a columnist as ever, even following the stroke, heart attack and quadruple bypass.

    And a detail in the column reflects the unique value of Classic Kass. He recalls an early flame of corruption in the Obama-Biden era: Tony Rezko. Hardly anyone else remembers that connected character, who was subsequently sent to the joint. Rezko was the money guy, an Obama fundraiser who helped set up Barack and Michelle with a sweetheart deal for their first home. (Search it if you’d like details.) But Kass does.

    JK could also write about Obama’s early promotion by two American leftist terrorists — one of them from my hometown suburb. That’s another early flame in the Democrat dumpster that few other than Kass would recall and could trace forward to today’s national disaster.

    1. years ago,my nephew was tending bar in the south suburbs, a mayor of a large S. suburban (he wouldn’t tell me who) told him “we have a black candidate ,who will be the president ” This was before we had even heard of obama.

  5. 1. No email notice for me either Your IT person needs to get er done.
    2. Superb column as usual. Yes it started in earnest with a certain community organizer being anointed by the likes of Soros and facilitated by Rezko. He back benched his way thru the Illinois legislature to get some sort of “cred” to be pushed to the highest office in the land. I can no longer shop at even mid priced grocery stores but Costco for deals and large quantities of stable staples, and Wal mart for most other things. How so many young people shop at Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods routinely is beyond me. Gasoline crazy. Ya remember $2.00 gas?? Chips$7?? Yeah I can relate.
    Biden is nothing more than Obama/Soros 3.0. A puppet. Has another ex president ever moved from his “Hometown”-supposedly Chicago to live in DC mere blocks from the WH? Nah I don’t recall.
    Keep their feet to the fire John. We need you.

  6. Mr. Kass is right on that the Dems will rely on abortion and “systemic racism” themes to corner the black and female vote. But don’t underestimate Climate Change. Unfortunately, there are a ton of especially young voters who have been brainwashed to believe that their lives are imminently at risk from this.

  7. No email for me. I find the columns via Facebook.
    John, I look forward to every column. You put into words what so many of us think.
    Happy you’re feeling better!

  8. Thank you John, for being a sane, clear voice for so many. You should have an international outlet for your talent. (Or, given all the reported contacts with aliens, perhaps an intergalactic outlet to connect with whatever planet the current crop of Chicago newspaper employees come from.)

    Who make a wonderful point. Why are Democrats and fake media working so hard to defend Hunter and Joe? Because it happened during the Obama administration. Because the Obama intelligence operatives who pushed the Russian hoax somehow had no idea of what the Bidens were doing in Ukraine, China, etc. During the Trump impeachment (1), Democrats praised Obama for his concern and close working relationship with the Ukraine government. Yet the Obama intelligence officials never raised a red flag about the Biden dealings. Even after knowing about Hunter’s Ukraine ties, Joe brags that he had a free hand to do whatever he wanted in Ukraine. It all points back to the abuse of Intelligence Agencies, the FBI, and the IRS under Obama. With the full support of fake news.

    1. Absolutely Daniel Covel – you have not only hit the nail on the head, you have exposed Obama for the behind the scenes manipulator he is. There is no way Obama did not know Joe was using the office of VP to shake down people and countries around the world. The unanswered question is where did Obama come up with an estimated net worth of $75 million? And what? Three multi million dollar homes? Just think of the annual cost to maintain those homes and pay the taxes. Obama is in on Joe’s game. It just has not yet been exposed. When Hunter is in the dock and Joe can no longer protect him it will come out.

      Steve in Indy

      1. “There is no way Obama did not know Joe was using the office of VP to shake down people and countries around the world. “

        Funny Steve, Pat Fitzgerald got fired at Northwestern for the same logic. Interesting double standard, no ??

  9. Yep, I’m one of those sans emails, too.

    Still wondering about the mechanism and the way it was engaged to propel Obama in those early years. Interacting with him as an Illinois State Senator was just a joke! He was propelled forward how and exactly by whom, in accordance with whose plan? He was really an embarrassment.

    Fast forward to today, and what/who is lurking in the weeds? Don’t be too quick to write off Governor Commodious Maximus. His dictates both during the Covid stuff and since them are mostly shrugged off and ignored, especially by what is euphemistically called the “local press”. For those who do dare question some of his actions, he smiles, he nods, he changes the subject and then nothing ever happens! He’s truly accountable to no one! The million dollars each to the two candidates for Supreme Court Justice. Well, he just said he expected nothing for the money, and the subject was dropped. Now we see the commitment of some $4 BILLION to the Communist Chinese for the plant in Manteno that the local folks knew precious little about….your money, going to a regime we’re supposedly not in favor of, plopping more members of the Chinese Communist party in the heartland. He’ll use that as more reason to continue with that idiotic airport that will have gobbled up a trillion dollars, and will be just 6.8 miles from the Chinese plant – – guaranteed to have flights direct from Peotone to China.

    All of that will be Pritzker’s alley to Washington. And we’ll look at him just like we did Obama. How did he do that?


    1. Well put, Karen. I’ll add that Pritzker’s worth is equal to three Obamas.

      Oops! I meant Pritzker’s WEIGHT is equal to three Obamas.

      Their worths are roughly equal. As a reference point for Democrat worth, see the Carter presidency. Or the Lightfoot mayoralty. But giving her due credit, her Chicago disaster qualifies a clueless leftist for promotion to Harvard Professor teaching Progressive Bunko.

  10. John, I have been accused in the past of being too optimistic about our chances to take back our country, but this time it feels different. The quiet people who never talk religion or politics are speaking to me and sharing with me their disgust and frustration. I hear the exasperation in their voices. I see people posting things on social media that previously would treat political posts as if they were kryptonite. No, my friend, this time it feels different becsuse it is differrnt. If it turns out it’s not, well, this country will never regain its position as that exceptional “shining city on a hill.” I’m praying for a 44 state landslide!

    1. Well ass long as Donald Trump ups his game in the crazy talk department as he is presently doing, the only 44 state landslide will be for senile ole Joe. If the Republicans actually want a landslide – it’s there for the taking, as you suggest – but not with a ranting, raving, crazed Donald Trump as the candidate. And you can book on that.

      1. Reminds me of when Obama, running for his second term, essentially was begging to and primed to be beat. Yet every time Mitt Romney opened his mouth he lost votes. And he wouldn’t shut up! That was the best they could do ????

        Sound familiar ? Scary isn’t it ☹️

  11. “It’s always worked for the Democrats—especially with corrupt legacy media serving as the Biden Democrat bullhorn to drown out the sound of that stubborn boy who persists on asking why the emperor isn’t wearing any clothes.”

    In 2016 the corrupt media was inadvertently responsible for Trump’s election. During the primary season they completely ignored the other 18 GOP candidates to focus solely on Trump, figuring he’d be the easiest one for Hillary to beat. They underestimated how much Americans hate that woman, and when she lost they started blaming Trump for every problem the US ever faced.

    Fast forward to 2023. There have been two debates between GOP candidates, neither of which included Trump. Did the propaganda organs (ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN and ALL the major “news” papers) report on what was said by those on the debate stage? Hell no. They focused on Trump not being there. The ONLY comments from the stage TV showed were from other candidates remarking about Trump’s absence.

    Then there’s the Biden impeachment. WGN showed footage from the first impeachment committee hearing, saying there’s no evidence of wrongdoing — despite piles of boxes that surely must contain SOME evidence. Isn’t this the same media that accused Trump of treason because he stored boxes of evidence in his bathroom at Mar-a-Lago, despite not knowing WHAT was in those boxes?

    Bottom line: pretty much EVERYTHING the corrupt legacy media says is BS. Believe them ate your own peril.

    1. Yeah the fools at CNN and MSNBC and WGN and the rest of the meat puppets in the legacy media don’t understand that an absence of evidence is not the same as an evidence of absence.

  12. You’re as fierce & on point as ever, John – honestly, sometimes I think even more so. God bless you on your health journey, & always make that your priority.

  13. Our problems are truly terrifying, but I greatly fear that the issues don’t even matter anymore because the democrats have legalized and perfected election theft. They get everyone in the world registered to vote, mail them all ballots, and then go and harvest those ballots. If that is not enough they print fake ballots and use them. And then there are the machines being manipulated.

    They know republicans and conservative will play by the rules. They don’t. We can’t beat them at this game. Other countries have very strict rules about mail in ballots. They are laughing at us. We need to change and enforce the voting laws but good luck with that.

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