A Salute to Greek Independence, on The Chicago Way podcast

By John Kass

Yes, there’s Hunter Biden’s laptop from hell, the story buried and suppressed by the corrupt mainstream media and Big Tech. And Willie Wilson is giving away gas in and around Chicago. Jeff Carlin and I talk about these topics and more on this edition of The Chicago Way.

And one more thing.  Greek Independence Day.

In March of 1821, my ancestors came running down out of the mountains, all their anger about 400 years of brutal Turkish occupation finally boiling over. As with all revolutions, some of the elites thought they might leverage popular anger to win concessions from the rulers of Ottoman Turkey, then one of the world’s major superpowers.

But the people had enough. They were done with centuries of humiliation in their own country. They had blood in their eyes. They were done kissing the hand of the pasha. And so, they brought rage.

They brought fire and sword to cleanse their land.

And their cry: Freedom or Death.

In this podcast I ask you to join me in raising a glass to them.

You might ask yourself, in the America that we love, can there truly be liberty without the freedom to freely speak our minds?

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