A Merry Christmas, The Chicago Way

Chicago Way w/John Kass (12/25/23): John Kass & Jeff Carlin discuss former Chicago Way power broker Ed Burke being found guilty of corruption after serving more than 45 years on the City Council and what that means for the verdict in the future of the Chicago Way. Plus, Kasso wonders who has earned the Moutza of the Month for December (Colorado Supreme Court?) and wishes everyone a Merry Christmas & healthy New Year.

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  1. The Moutzah for all of 2023 should go to these uneducated idiots who march en masse, blocking roads, airports, hospitals, businesses, etal., and have no idea what they’re actually supporting (anti-Semitism, the end of capitalism, FREEDOM).

    1. Who’s funding these hamas supporting idiots? Saw one with a brand new flag. You could see the squares of how it was folded in it’s package after they put it on a pole. Are any illegals sent here to instigate these riots and disrupting demonstrations?

  2. Γιάννη,
    And χρόνια πολλά to your οικογένεια as well. And ευχαριστώ for all your posts this past year. You are the only safe port in a storm!! Εις ανώτερα!! Και τού χρόνου!!

  3. Moutza should go to all those mayors and governors that say they are a sancturary city/state and then complain when Texas, Arizona and Florida ship them illegals.

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