The Chicago Way w/John Kass: Feds Must Investigate CPD Heroin Heater Case, Because City Hall Can’t Investigate Itself

By John Kass

I told you this Chicago police heater case involving the chief of Internal Affairs and the heroin isn’t over. It continues, the Chicago Way.

It is consuming the top brass of the Chicago Police Department. And Mayor Lori Lightfoot is trying to bury it all in some rabbit hole.

Yes, the Russian invasion of Ukraine is the important story. I haven’t forgotten. But this IAD heater case is a story too, especially in a city overwhelmed by violent crime. And I haven’t forgotten this one either.

And today, on this new edition of The Chicago Way podcast, I’m calling for the U.S. Attorney, the feds, to come in and get to the bottom of this stinking CPD/IAD mess. There is no one else.

The broad outlines: Yolanda Talley, her chief of the Internal Affairs Division—the section that investigates cops—made news when her silver Lexus was pulled over on the West Side. Talley was not in the car.  Her niece was driving Talley’s Lexus.  And the niece’s boyfriend, a convicted West Side drug dealer named Kenneth Miles was in the car. He allegedly threw 84 packets of heroin out the window.

Miles turns out to be the John Doe on the warrant that led police on the botched Anjanette Young raid that cost taxpayers $2.9 million in a settlement.

 Now City Hall and the top cops clam up. And City Hall investigates itself. But what about the people of Chicago? Don’t they deserve answers?

That’s why I’m calling on the feds. There is no one else.

Also in this podcast, Jeff Carlin makes a Golden Moutza nomination. And a special public service announcement about Irish cops, bagpipes, corned beef, Guinness and a parade.

And in a blast from the past, Carlin deviously dredges up a political hit-piece that he and my late broadcast partner, the great Jake Hartford, cooked up. It’s a Jake Hartford special:

An anti-Kass political ad accusing me of outrage. “John Kass, scourge of Chicago” has been busy “poisoning listeners’ minds.”

 I loved working with Jake Hartford and Jeff Carlin at WLS.  We had the number one show in our time slot until Jake died.

For years before that, Jake also worked as the legman for Walter Jacobson at Channel 2. I wonder what Jake would say about this IAD Heroin Heater case.

But this ain’t Chinatown, Jake.

This is the Chicago Way.

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