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by John Kass


Americans are rebelling against the media fear porn and the Covid lockdowns. And as Americans demand their freedom,  blue state governors are giving up, relenting under political pressure, while pretending they’re “following the science.”

The only science they’re following are their political polls.

So what are you prepared to do?

Click on the link above, and you’ll hear from the mom of a special needs child in Algonquin. She talks painfully of the flimsy masks on her kids, the masks that  “science” now tells us don’t stop the spread. She talks of how the masks have hurt her little boy, who needs speech therapy. But for years now he hasn’t seen the faces of his teacher, hasn’t seen how the teacher forms words with her mouth. And a school board president mocks her as someone who just wants to be on TV.

You’ll also hear about something that you’ve never seen before: A Daley standing trial in a federal court in Chicago. And you’ll hear the Aztec death whistle.

I could really use an Aztec death whistle to drown out Nancy Pelosi, making excuses for members of Congress–possessed of inside information–investing in the stock market. How’s your portfolio Nancy? Is it as robust as your gourmet chocolate ice cream freezer?

Funny how they do so well, eh? Republicans, Democrats, in the House and in the Senate, stock investors with inside information about what the government plans on doing or not doing. They treat us as fools. And we are fools for not demanding they stop.

Here’s the podcast news: the  Chicago Way podcast is now upping its game. We’ll be doing two podcasts a week.  Why?

There’s so much to talk about, the midterm elections, the Illinois gubernatorial elections, what’s going to happen to Ald. Ed Burke and his pal, Boss Madigan?and the main event: the race for mayor. Will we see a candidate who can manage the city? Or will we just see the usual parade of morons as the city rolls over on it’s back, trying to breathe? And what about the non political business that is just as important, like those flowers you better get for your Valentine on Valentine’s Day.

Don’t forget that the media fear porn artists, the pundits that shamed you, the governors and mayors who used that fear to try and control you. They’re afraid now. I hope you remember that before Covid, you were Americans. And now Americans push for their liberty, remember that you, too, are Americans.  Time to start acting like it.

Rules for thee but not for me politicos are panicking, now that the American people, tired of being scared, begin to push back, like that mom in Algonquin.

Some of these lockdown politicians, like Gov. Commodius Maximus, think they’re tricky and slick. They’ll pretend that easing restrictions was their idea. And they will offer their hands for you to kiss, expecting you to thank them for “giving” you liberty.

They’re not the givers of liberty. Americans have that right from God. And don’t forget, when the pasha extends his hand for you to kiss, remember who you are: You’re an American. And Americans don’t kiss the pasha’s hand.

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