Chicago Violent Crime Rises Downtown & on CTA. Mayor Phallus Maximus’ “Summer of Joy” Begins, The Chicago Way

By John Kass

Would you have your wife or children ride the CTA as Lori Lightfoot hands out free gas and free CTA rides with your money to buy votes?

No. I wouldn’t. I wouldn’t want them on the CTA. It’s dangerous. Mayor Lightfoot does nothing as  violent crime increases on the CTA.

Listen up. Because on this edition of The Chicago Way podcast, WGN producer Jeff Carlin and I talk about it.

Cops can ride free, but cops don’t want to ride free, especially if they’re alone, like the public is alone.

“I wouldn’t,” said a Chicago police commander who won’t ride on the el.   “And I carry a gun.”

Violent crime keeps increasing on the CTA. So far this year, according to ABC 7, CTA crime has increased 40 percent as compared to the same period last year. Battery is up 60 percent. Theft is up 80 percent. And that doesn’t include what young women must go through—thugs leaning over, intimidating, talking about sexually assaulting them—and it doesn’t even make the news or police reports. It’s ignored.

Way to go Mayor Phallus Maximus. How does she respond to critics of her “free” gas giveaway and “free” CTA rides? “Nonsense,” she says.

Nonsense? Really? Typical.

Every day brings news stories about assaults on CTA, lately attacks on the Orange Line or Green Line with knives. She does nothing. She’s hapless. What’s “nonsense” is that the people of Chicago just shut up and take it.

Meanwhile left-wing media—meaning most if not all of legacy corporate media—is terrified over Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter. They’ve become hysterical with Muskophobia

But they don’t say much if anything at all about local prosecutors in cities across the country who give hugs rather than jail sentences, as violent crime increases. Because they’re woke.

 And the right, equally hysterical, makes a god of Musk, though he hasn’t done much yet to deserve his demigod status. Let’s see what he does first.

“I don’t trust that guy,” says Jeff about Musk.


I don’t trust anybody. And that too, is The Chicago Way.

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