No Laughing Jesters in Biden’s Banana Republic

by John Kass | June 13, 2023

If America were truly a mentally healthy nation, the popular culture would be bursting with Banana Boats and deviously sarcastic Calypso singers.

And they’d be mocking President Joe Biden for transforming America into his favorite ice cream flavor as he aims his (our?) government at his political rival.

The flavor?

Biden Banana Republic.

Later of course comes the other novelty, the inevitable Democrat Banana Split along race/gender lines with the country cleaving into jagged pieces, allowing China to send her navy to “protect” our shores from unspecified aggression. But not yet. Not yet.

First things first.

The Silence of the Jesters.

Some jesters, like the famous and heroic Stanczyk shown at the top of this column dressed in red, is rather silent and glum. He is depicted as the only person at a royal ball who is bothered by the news that the Muscovites captured the Polish city of Smolensk in 1514. The others danced and enjoyed themselves, but not our glum Stanczyk. He served three kings and was no fool chattering what his masters wanted to hear. So, he was no Chuck Todd.

But these days modern jesters prefer to caper about singing show-tunes at the Gridiron Dinner in Washington, where journalists greet men who wear sashes, and none of them take things seriously, except their own ambition. So why aren’t they singing “Banana Boat?”

Because they’re afraid. Oh they were excited and pleased that Democrat Biden, although doddering, and senile to the point of drooling in public, is still vicious enough to remake the United States as a Banana Republic.

Because it was Biden who ordered that his chief political rival–former Republican President Donald Trump–be criminally indicted in the hopes of removing him as a political candidate in the 2024 election. Isn’t that election interference? Isn’t that what third-world nations do to their politics?

And now that former President Donald Trump has been criminally indicted as Biden wanted, more news crashed against the calm demeanor of jesterdom: Iowa Republican Senator Chuck Grassley said that the FBI source who reported President Biden’s alleged role in a multi-million dollar bribery plot is claiming to have 17 audio recordings of Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden.

The source kept the recordings for “insurance.”

And the jesters, including Biden himself, have retreated into stunned silence.

I’d rather think of Biden in a colorful Trinidad print, sipping a tropical drink, with his aviator shades, as a chorus of Democrat Congressmen join Establishment Republican Senators Mitch McConnel and Mitt Romney to sing the Harry Belafonte classic, “Mama Look at Boo Boo” about rude children mocking their father.

My mom loved Belafonte, the late Civil Rights figure, and as children, we’d sing to his records. Louis Farrakhan was an equally talented Calypso star but Belafonte outdistanced Farrakhan’s “Calypso Gene, the Charmer.”

“Mama, look at boo boo, they shout
Their mother tell them shut up your mout’
That is your daddy, oh, no
My daddy can’t be ugly so

Shut your mout’, go away
Mama, look at Boo Boo dey”

Or maybe “Banana Boat,” another Belafonte classic about the toils along the banana docks in those Banana Republics, small countries of wealthy oligarchs beholden to Dole and Chiquita and the CIA’s favorite, the “United Fruit Company.”

Come Mister tally man, tally me banana
(Daylight come and we want go home)
Come Mister tally man, tally me banana
(Daylight come and we want go home)

Calypso isn’t scripted. It is an art form about people mocking those who were dangerously more powerful than they, people speaking their minds, with sarcasm and double entendre, speaking pointedly, something Americans once respected before the nation embraced the Great Silencing.

Oh Poor Boo Boo, yes he might be the “Big Guy” and “President 10 Percent,” with millions perhaps hidden in secret bank accounts from China, Ukraine and elsewhere– he might be sad, but he can still unleash the powerful American security forces (CIA, DOJ, FBI, the IRS etc.) on anyone, on a whim.

Including a president.

Including you.

Trump was indicted by Biden’s Department of Justice on the same day the country learned that Biden and his son Hunter Biden were under investigation for reportedly accepting $10 million in bribes to run interference for Ukrainian energy giant Burisma. Joe was Obama’s vice president who focused, as if by coincidence, on being the Obama’s “point man” on China, Ukraine and Russia.

According to that FBI informant from Burisma with the “insurance” recordings, Biden’s Ukrainian benefactors reportedly wanted the prosecutor, who had targeted Burisma, fired. And they paid for it.

Joe Biden took care of things as if he were some Chicago politician, adding pressure on Ukraine, saying $1 billion in U.S. loan guarantees would disappear if the prosecutor was not fired. The Biden Way as the Chicago Way.

“You’re not getting the billion. I’m going to be leaving here in, I think it was about six hours,” Biden bragged on record at a 2018 talk at the council on Foreign Relations. “I looked at them and said, “I’m leaving in six hours. If the prosecutor is not fired, you’re not getting the money. Well, son of a bitch. He got fired. And they put in place someone who was solid at the time.”

Add to that the official disinterest in the unequal application of the law from those 30,000 Hillary Clinton emails she caused to be destroyed when they were under Congressional subpoena, to the Russia Collusion hoax, to the suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story and the orchestrated lies by American Kemalist intelligence bosses that the laptop was Russian disinformation, to Joe Biden pilfering top secret documents AS A SENATOR and keeping them all in his garage with the green Corvette, and more. It would take volumes.

To top it all we’re being led deeper into a proxy war that could go nuclear. We’re led to it by the same decrepit administration that led us into that chaotic and deadly withdrawal from Afghanistan.

And still Trump should have turned over the documents when he was asked to do so. It is a serious indictment. There is an audio tape  on which Trump  brags boastfully about secrets. How that will play at trial, I don’t know. I do know he should not have done it.  It was reckless, thoughtless and boastful, the perfect illustration of his lack of temperament for the job.

But is it a crime?

Is it a crime with former FBI boss James Comey suffering from “memory loss” under oath while smirking at the American people? When Hillary smirks at us, when the entire Democratic Party smirks at decent taxpayers who are mocked and bullied by journalists, or concerned parents characterized by the FBI as possible “domestic terrorists?”

And now the jesters are silent, at least for a while.

We’ve lost the law.  We’ve lost our most precious traditions, We are a Banana Republic. We use criminal indictments to get rid of people like any Banana Republic. We traded the American republic that kept us free for centuries because the bureaucrats of our unelected Kemalist administrative state didn’t like the immaturity of a boastful man who dared defeat Hillary Clinton in 2016.

And now even the jesters are afraid.






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    1. We also have an Attorney General who
      Won’t even think about indicting or prosecuting a democrat. Selective law enforcement seems to be the new law of the land.
      Shame on Merrick Garland, shame on Christopher Wray and shame on the Congress for not passing a solid voters ID statute.

      1. The AG is conducting his own vengeance. He believes he should be on SCOTUS. I don’t know if it’s 1850, 1855, or 1859 in America again.

  1. Time for Biden to go all Leni Riefenstahl (Hollywood jesters)again with another MAGA people Bad photo op. This flannelmouth eedjit will be the death of this nation.

  2. Another excellent column…and on point – Biden Family Corruption is infinitely more dangerous to America and world peace than Trump carrying government documents for his private use.

  3. “A Republic if you can keep it.” Lost to a cabal of power hungry self serving politicos who cannot tolerate any perspective but their own. The Illinois combine and Chicago Way writ large across our nation’s parchment. We have become a banana republic and a never ending vicious cycle of tribal revenge against the other side from both parties. Where is the concern to promote the common good with a government that restricts evil, promotes justice, and preserves order?

  4. I say let the bumbling fool keep bumbling. He is his own worst enemy. God save us from his equally inept Veep.
    Regardless, the media and deep state will continue to run cover for the big guy and his cronies.

  5. John, I so missed you insights over the many month of recovery. Your last several columns reveal that you are back and as sharp as ever.
    This one is spot on. I particularly liked you weaving in calypso as most people completely miss its irony commentary on the politics of its time.
    This was especially noticeable in its absence from Belafonte’s obituaries that separated his music from his activism.

  6. Great article John.
    “The floggings will continue until morale is resumed”. That was the sign that used to hang on a wall in an old neighborhood tavern I used to visit. As I’d sip my Old Style, I would stare at that sign and just contemplate its origin and the person who said that. How much those words ring true to this present day with this fine mess we have been wallowing in, not only locally, but now nationally. I just put my head in my hands now, take a deep breath, and shake my head daily.

  7. My red team is better than your blue team. “They” investigate us, then “we” investigate “them”, and on and on it goes, the greatest grift in history, the theft of our treasure by the oligarchs, the corporations, and the elites.

    My Koch brothers and Sheldon Adelson are better than you Zuckerberg and Gates. My Fox News is better than your CNN. My Ken Griffinnis better than your Rainer or Pritzker.

    Just as there’s two sides to every story, there’s plenty of grift to go around. Only, the democrats have taken it to a new level. Why can’t they just manufacture a good bullshit war like the boon that was Iraq and Afghanistan.

    They investigated the shot out of Obama, disputed his heritage, Benghazi? Hours of testimony, millions of dollars paid out to lawyers and the like. Two bullshit impeachment trials for Trump when they new he was gonna walk. But they did it anyway for political purposes, for the spectacle, when they could have censured him and legislated guardrails against corruption, insider trading, influence peddling, nepotism and the like. But why actually be responsible,,when you can cash yourself too.

    These whores in government on both teams are slowly selling us out, piece by piece, and you’re still playing this stupid red team blue team shit?

    We can never have a true democratic republic without more transparency and accountability.

    The Democrats are morbidly corrupt, hypocritical, venal, greedy. To think that as long as we elect more Republicans, things will be alright is a fools errand as I see it. They are maybe a smidge better, maybe. Are we to be content with the “We’re not as shitty” party? Is this the best we can do?

    These are manufactured existential crises. They distract with great skill and the money keeps flowing out the back door.

    The Biden crime family is different than the Trump, Bush, Obama, Clinton, any of them. In order to get to that political stratosphere you must prostitute yourself to such an extent that you’ll let black kids in Flint get poisoned by polluted water, bomb the shit out of civilians, let pharma, big Ag, and the food industry poison us, and then look in the camera and say you “care”.

    You are foolish enough to think Biden’s people really don’t want Trump in the general? How can you be so dumb? They’re just bloodying him up real good so Joe won’t have to campaign hard. They”LL have another disgustingly slick Hollywood produced convention, full of virtue signaling celebrities with Ukraine pins on their lapels while hundreds of thousand of Americans live on the streets.

    With multiple indictments, trials, investigations and the like. This buffoon Trump is merely being bloodied up, piñata that he is for the 24 election. Biden will best him again and resign after the midterms midway through his second term.

    Hello president giggles!

    1. So well said. Actually perfect. Both sides are crooked whores. We need more and better political parties, not just 2. The 2 we have are are so corrupt they can’t be saved, nor should they.
      But I disagree with Bob on 1 point. I think this assures Trumps nomination and win in fall. As the Japanese admiral said after Pearl Harbor: we have awoken the giant. This will not bode well (I paraphrase). Trumps base will be come out even stronger.

      1. I dunno, Mr. Rudd. A ton of people seem to believe that the D’s are actively manipulating things to ensure a Trump nomination, figuring DJT is more beatable in the general than DeSantis. I tend to agree with them. Remember that a large part of Trump’s win over Hillary involved a *lot* of D voters staying home, either out of disgust or that they thought she had it in the bag. Bottom line was that there were more Hillary-haters out there than Trump-haters. The D’s did *not* make that mistake four years later, nominating Biden to make it look like they were tacking to the center (ha!), censoring the Hunter laptop story, and keeping up the “Orange Man Bad” pressure (via the impeachments, Mueller, etc.) to maintain/grow the “Never Trump” faction. All this was *before* any (alleged) monkey business with the election itself. All of these things have done nothing but intensify since 2020, all for one purpose – to make Trump as un-electable as possible in a general, while suckering the R’s into nominating him anyway. I suppose the D’s might overplay their hand and actually convict Trump of something, driving him out too early and bringing DeSantis and his base, the Never Trumpers, and the Trump base, ready for vengeance into play.

    2. it seems like you’re using me to publish your own column. hey, that’s an idea. write your own column and tell readers that they’re not as smart or moral as you are. see how that works out.

      1. I’m not smarter or more moral, you’re just making money staking out this side and maintaining this echo chamber.

        But yes, they want Trump in the general. I don’t know how you can’t see it.

        Is Biden crooked? Sure. But he’s got the media, the FBI and the elites backing him.

        Also, Republicans are overplaying their hand on abortion.

        Biden wins

        Harris finished out the last two years.

        Dems win back House narrowly and Jeffries becomes speaker.

        Thru have debate on reparations on House floor and Fox News treats it like 9/11


        1. Mr. Maitino why don’t you take John’s advice and write your own column and stop doing a remora on his? See how if anyone cares about your “brilliant” insights.

          1. You are sooo salty Bruce! Glad I’m not the only poster renting space in your head!

  8. The banana republic didn’t gets legs under Biden. It started under Obama. The Obama administration started more internal investigations of US citizens than even during the McCarthy era’s red investigations. Almost of the these investigations were against political opponents. They republic flourished covertly under Trump. Even he was/ is a target. No opposition is allowed under the left. First Trump, who next DeSantis? Any viable challenger will be subject of the banana DOJ.

  9. Fantastic analysis, as usual. We are doomed, yet somehow I believe we will recover. I have to believe that or I’ll go mad.

    If Ben & Jerry’s uses Biden’s Banana Republic as their new flavor, make sure you get paid.

    1. Too late for me. I already went mad. So mad I’m thinking of dropping out of the commentary game and convincing myself that I’m just another guy who “don’t know nuttin’ or nobudy” and don’t care either. You know, like a Chicagoan or other Democrat.

  10. Great column, Mr. Kass! There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t worry about the kind of world and country that my grand kids are going to inherit. I am way beyond being shocked at some of the insanity that goes on, which is sad.

  11. They are all full of crap. Corrupt to the end. Both sides. What a joke we are to the world now. Jill is going on a campaign fundraising tour while GJ hides in the basement because OB can’t follow him around and talk in his earpiece. SAD!!

  12. Trump’s problem is he’s too impulsive and engages in too many petty feuds. He’s not a very good team player. I’m favoring DeSantis right now because we need a new generation of young Republicans to drive the bus. We have good and wise elders in Congress who will work with DeSantis to clean up at least part of the mess. I think DeSantis would run away with the election. Trump will struggle to win. Of course, Democrats will demonize DeSantis in the same way they demonized Trump, Reagan and the Bushes, etc. Severely.

    “Banana Republic,” indeed. These self-serving, ad hoc governments are always fascist or communist, i.e. socialist, to the core. Our home-grown Bolsheviks have been in politics for so long that power has corrupted them absolutely. The Constitution is toilet paper to them. If something isn’t done, we may all end up with paid vacations in re-education camps. Our tax dollars will fund them.

    In Trump’s defense, he won 30 of 50 states in 2016 after which the political pythons in Washington tried to overturn the election by suffocating his presidency. The indictment this morning is Chapter 10 (or 12?) in the narrative of framing and lynching Trump on false or trivial charges.

    Forgive me for being of two minds here, but maybe we need Trump’s pugnaciousness to knock these people out. If he wins this time, he may have the power to do that. That said, DeSantis packs a pretty good punch himself.

  13. I understand that Trump had raw documents concerning Cross Fire Hurricane and the FBI and Biden were aware. He was negotiating to give back documents, but the FBI, Garland and Biden could not wait. They needed to get them.

    Trumps documents were protected by the Secret Service. Biden’s documents were protected by the Green Corvette and Hunter. Big difference there.

  14. You should have waited a day longer; then you could have added the breast baring at the White House yesterday. Now the White House is charging a $10 cover with a two drink minimum. But I digress….

    You make a good point. We’ve become the very thing our founding fathers wanted to avoid.

    Stay healthy.

  15. God bless you John and thank you for these words. I had seen a comment by Jack Dorsey about Musk firing all kinds of people at Twitter who he thought were only doing their jobs as they had information to do so(censorship)…Their info, of course, was coming from the FBI, DOJ, DNC, and all the rest of Ds. I believe Miranda retweeted this person’s quote of Jack.
    Being straight forward in truth and facts is appreciated by us coming from you and several others who we enjoy reading and following at Twitter. Thank you for the ability to subscribe to your column as I am so pleased. You are still in my nightly prayers and keep on keeping on John Kass!!

  16. “We don’t want nobody nobody sent”. Donald Trump is that guy. The Democrats hate him, the Republicans disdain him. McConnell and his flunkie Lindsey Graham were only too happy to use Trump to push through their interests are now nowhere to be found. Republicans drag their feet on any Biden investigation(s) in the hope he drops out of the presidential race. Democrats know this and are playing their part in the plan. The truth of the matter is Trump upset the apple cart so badly a disease was unleashed and pandemic created for one reason: to prevent him from being reelected. The Republicans, much like Illinois Republicans know the split and are happy to do business with the Democrats like they did here in Illinois with Mike Madigan. In doing so the Republicans have permitted the growth of public sector unions to the point these unions are now running Illinois and Democrats have unmitigated power in Illinois. This strategy is now taking place on a national scale with Democrats using the same plan. Just like Illinois the strategy is going to backfire. Badly. It will almost be impossible to dislodge them as they get more powerful with the assist of the unions. Republicans cut the deals and the Democrats just get stronger. Much like Illinois Republicans, the national party won’t realize what they’ve done until it’s too late. This country was inarguably in better shape when Trump was president. In Biden we have had shortages, runaway inflation and near nuclear war with Russia. Bidens administration defines ineptitude. They can’t run railroads, plane or trains. Democrat run cities are overridden with crime and the country is embroiled in identity politics and gender battles. These flames are being flamed by the complicit media and Republicans happily participate. Republicans sit back and let Trump twist in the wind hoping he goes away. Trump is our very own American Caesar. “Ettu Brutus?” As they say in Chicago “we don’t want nobody that nobody sent”.

    1. Hey Enrique looks who’s back! Phony Tony Baloney RagaTony. I guess the idiot has awakened from his drunken stupor while at his imaginary bar in Mineral Point. I knew the fool could not stay quiet for long. He just can not help himself. He’s on a mission from Wokeistan via his imaginary bar in Mineral Point.

  17. I don’t recognize the country I grew up in. How is it possible that one party has destroyed our country in a few short years? Who are the 39% that still support this clown?

  18. Mr. Trump has some good ideas, and we benefitted from them during his presidency. He is not, however, a good judge of people. He just doesn’t know how to do it. He left Fauci in place, and Dr. Birx, too. He appointed Christopher Wray to his post at the FBI and left him there. He became way too enamored of Rudy Giuliani and those who were good at blowing in his ear, and it cost him dearly.
    How many Attorneys General did he have? He talked about William Barr like he was the vision of the Second Coming, and now can’t come up with enough bad things to say about him. Trump may be an astute businessman, and he understands how money moves around the world, but he really needs to relegate the “people” part of all of this to someone who can do it better. His first term proved he’s got the right idea, but he hasn’t learned that running something as big as the country is a team effort – and he doesn’t know how to pick an effective team and then support them. It would seem that his daughter, Ivanka, started out as having that ‘leveling’ effect, but he seemed to tire of that – – and so did she. Mike Pence seemed to help to keep things a bit more tempered when he was included, but Trump got tired of that, too. He didn’t understand that Pence wouldn’t abandon his strongly held beliefs for Donald’s demands. I voted for him twice….I’d prefer to have a different choice this time.

  19. Great column. Lessee bare breasts at the WH, violation of US Flag protocol at the WH, blatant Hatch act violation by the best press FLACK a president could ask for, and strangely? found to be lacking in seriousness to even get a reprimand. Old Joe whisked away from a sniffing opportunity. Mumbling and misidentifying NCAA champions etc etc … and that is in the last week. We are a an anna Republic for sure. We can only hope a Republican can survive the onslaught. Anyone hears a Dem talking about running for POTUS? Crickets.

  20. Bravo, John! Brilliant article. These are the most unsettling times I’ve ever experienced in my 70+ years. I literally fear speaking out the way you do. And I have to remind myself that this is America, the land of free speech, but is it anymore?

  21. I think Trump and Biden both are guilty of crimes that should have them in prison and neither is suitable to be President. We’re in even bigger trouble though if Kamala ever becomes President.

  22. It’s less about party affiliation and more about the number of investigations he conducted. Both parties has abused their investigative powers.

  23. Great commentary John. But I want to warn you. According to the woketionary “Banana Republic” is a derogatory term used by old white imperialists to describe countries in Central America whose people of color were violated by white imperial predatory corporations such as United Fruit. Be careful out there John. The wokeists are sharpening their blades. LOL.

    1. Woke, woke, woke. You DO realize that Independents and those who don’t take right wing media seriously could care less about the manufactured cultural crisis that is woke, right? No, you don’t. But in 2024, you will.

      1. Hey Tony you’re back! I knew a phony like you couldn’t stay away. Hey anyone with your ethics should not be commenting on the ethics of others. Got that? Would you like to see the screen grab that proves you’re a phony and a liar? You know to refresh your memory … such as it is. We got that … it’s all you … Tony Cesare. Yeah, ole Tony Cesare claiming to be the proprietor, cook, bartender, and bouncer of a bar in Mineral Point WI …Tony’s Tap … a bar you never owned, a bar where no one ever heard your name. Curious. Did you just emerge from a drunken stupor from within your imaginary bar in Mineral Point WI? Is that why you were gone so long? I knew you could not stay away. I told Enrique that there was no way phony Tony baloney could stay away. And here you are. Back again. Back from Wokeistan to set us deplorables straight with your insights from the Woketionary. You just can’t help yourself.

        1. Honestly? The last few weeks of columns weren’t very compelling, but this piece of MAGA apologist word salad was too good to pass up! But I digress, and as always try and give you the benefit of the doubt Bruce, because I like you! Did you READ the indictment? Neither of us is a lawyer but from the substance it sound pretty damning. Any comment? It’s shocking to me that the entire GOP platform has been reduced to ‘whataboutisms’ (Hillary’s emails!!) and deflection, surely you can see that. Why otherwise intelligent grown men feel compelled to breathlessly rush to Trump’s defense in the face of criminal behavior is beyond my comprehension, perhaps they see themselves in him? Last stand of the aging white man? You DO realize that ‘woke’ is a manufactured right wing construct, right? A label to hide behind in the culture war that is the GOP platform. I’m surprised you aren’t immune to its phony premise. Oh, and our tap is going strong-check out my profile for pics of the new facade! We are always were we have been, just east of downtown Kleintown (filthy place, but has its charms..) on the shores of Lake Pearling. You are welcome anytime!

          1. Believe it or not I read the indictment. One can have have two simultaneous and noncontradictory opinions. The charges are very serious if true. At the same time, he is also being prosecuted for who he is: the major problematic political opposition. It’s not a good look for him; nor the United States. Prosecuting political opponents is not something the world’s premier representative republic should be doing. It’s as simple as that. I suggest you read AG Jackson’s remarks – from 80 years ago – as to the power and responsibilities of US Attorneys.

        2. “Prosecuting political opponents is not something the world’s premier representative republic should be doing…” We can agree to disagree on that point. Trump had EVERY OPPORTUNITY to comply, but since he exists with a halo of narcissism shielding him his whole life, he choose not to, which puts our country at risk. The DOJ had no choice, to NOT prosecute was the bigger failure. Trump did this to himself, and accountability is NOT the same as ‘prosecuting political opponents.’ To your point, two simultaneous and noncontradictory opinions. Again, I’m genuinely interested. What IS the spell he has over so many people, in the face of such obvious shortcomings? I’m fascinated.

          1. His “spell?”

            DT’s overwhelming attraction is that he was and remains the opposite of the smooth talking, teleprompter reading, speechifying (written by others of course), Beltway pol. He is not smooth talking. Just the opposite in fact. As world renowned former linguist George Lakoff pointed out, Trump’s speech pattern is often fragmented, jumping from one thought to another … in fact very similar to average everyday speech. This in itself connects to a lot of folks. The fact that he tends to finish the thoughts or speech of many of his followers is as pointed out a NY custom. The fact that he is the polar opposite of what many of us find disgusting about our slick insufferable professional politicians constitutes much of his “magic” power. Go to “fly over country” … if you dare. He is a big draw there. Again as Lakofff pointed out when analyzing the Trumpster in 2016, people vote their values, not necessarily their best interests. And Trump’s anti-beltway persona, coupled with him being the ultimate anti-politician was and is a very powerful potion. If it wasn’t for his massive self-defeating personal shortcomings – as you point out, he likely would not have been indicted if he complied with the subpoenas – he’d probably would have won in 2020 and certainly would be way ahead of ole Joe Biden for 2024. There are many other reasons as well feeding his “magic powers” (the disgust with the huge administrative bureaucracy – which I personally experienced during my career – cultural battles, and economic ones as well). But this is John’s column and not mine … and I’m not going to do a Maitino here.

  24. I’m aware of your recent health challenges, but you may consider adjusting your meds. Have you even READ the indictment?? You seem to be turning editorial back flips to avoid mentioning anything about the contents. It’s crushing. What happened to ‘back the blue’ John? Only in cases against minorities and those w/o influence? Biden, Hunter, Hillary (BUT, THE EMAILS!!!) are all guilty in the court of Fox News, manufactured hearsay that does not stand up to criminal behavior. Careless? Absolutely. Criminal? No. Moreover explain again to me WHY ‘Biden’ is ‘afraid’ or ‘out to get’ Trump-he crushed him in the 2020 election, what’s to fear?? That independent voters who turned against the Conspiracy laden Christian Nationalist anti-truth modern GOP will be impressed with Trump’s indictments and flip to him in 2024?? HA! Then again, a president racking up 37 criminal counts in his second indictment after being impeached twice, found liable for sexual abuse and defamation, and facing a possible third indictment on the serious charge of attempting to steal an election… I guess that’s an accomplishment that impresses the old white guy crowd, the rest of us?? Not so much. Get well John, take a break. Sounds like you need one.

    1. Oh what meds do you suggest John adjust, Doctor? You are truly delusional. First you were a pretend owner of a bar in Mineral Point WI, now you’re a pretend doctor. Brilliant.

      1. Bruce he may be imposter, but he is genuine troll and a committed conversational Onanist. Solitary work for a solitary troll, spilling his seed, as it were. You’ll go blind, Trolly lad.

        1. Any thoughts on the indictment, the substance and accusations? Or, deflection and ‘whataboutisms’ (BUT HILLARY! BUT HUNTER!) The MAGA base has morphed into a pack of overgrown man babies (see above..) desperate to protect a soulless ghoul from accountability and undereducated white dudes dressed in size 4x camo from WalMart, prancing in the woods playing Ted Nugent cosplay with automatic weapons. Committed? Anyone who defends this man baby should be. So ask yourself, why AM I defending him, in the face of obvious/transparent criminal shortcomings and toxic behavioral traits? Why? This column, the comments, why? What does he represent to you? I’m genuinely curious, and that’s not ‘trolling..’

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